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🔴 2 MASSIVE WINS LIVE in Washington HIGH LIMIT 🎰 Ilani Casino

Let’s line it up from our partner ilani Casino!

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32 thoughts on “🔴 2 MASSIVE WINS LIVE in Washington HIGH LIMIT 🎰 Ilani Casino”

  1. Went to a casino for the first time and this place was loaded with slot machines of all kind. It was intimating bc I wasn’t sure what you need to match up to win. Anyway, only spent the $35. credit they gave me and an additional $20. off my own money.

    I like having a strategy when it comes to money. Look like all you had to do was feed money into and press a button. Lol! I’m hoping to learn what I have to shoot for to win big.

    Oh well, next time and I’ll watch more. So higher you bet, the bigger the win? So that’s obvious but would like to know when to do that.

    When I was a kid in the 80s, they used to have black Jack games in some corner store that paid off. You could double down when having great cards like 10 or 11 and I used to be addicted to them!

  2. Hey Brian I use to live in Washington and always loved the triple fortune dragon series games and after moving to Texas I’m always on the hunt for that game .! Found some in Durham Oklahoma, also at the WinStar casino.

  3. Five Dragons is a great game. Can win big on a low bet. Won $8,000 on a $1.50. Played the multiple screen version of this game using rapid fire and got the bonus round about 20x. Mystery spin can be great if playing max bet and get the 20x, 30x and 40x. A very fun game.

  4. Brian answer me back you never do answer me back well good luck hope you win some more money I hope to Wednesday to meet you if I ever go to Vegas and I might be going to Vegas in May the beginning of May if I do I'd like to see if you might be there so look you up and meet you and play with you so maybe we'll win some money

  5. OMG that is DELICIOUS baby. I am so happy for you 💗. I am in SHOCK you got the Dragon's!!! WOW I was crossing my fingers and toes LOL 😆 Good LUCK ON Facebook! Hi Marco AND Raymond.

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