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🟡 Atlantic City | Hard Rock Hotel & Casino's Enhanced Buffet It's Looking Good, But How Is The Food?

What’s up Nu Yawkers? I recently received an email from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City asking me to try out their new ‘enhanced’ Fresh Harvest Buffet. During my last few videos of the buffet, it seemed a little messy and tired, it really hasn’t changed much since the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino opened several years ago. There are only two hotel and casino buffets in Atlantic City, Fresh Harvest at the Hard Rock and the Buffet at the Borgata Hotel and Casino. How does the new enhanced buffet stand up? What has changed? How is the food? Watch the video to find out! If you enjoy, please like, comment, ask questions, and most importantly, subscribe!

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34 thoughts on “🟡 Atlantic City | Hard Rock Hotel & Casino's Enhanced Buffet It's Looking Good, But How Is The Food?”

  1. I have “ enhanced “ my waist line at this buffet many times 😂 WAIT!! 🌮 taco bar😮!!! Jeff a little advice from the self proclaimed buffet king, don’t eat bread it fills you up.. and yes the Mac-n-cheese is very VERY good

  2. The main thing I noticed that was "enhanced" was that separate area with the brick oven, where the entire counter is bigger from what it was previously when my wife and I visited there recently. So it carries more items like the new India/Pakistani style food choices and about eight soups as opposed to two. Though the not individually labeling the soups and other food items throws me off (I didn't get my chicken noodle soup because I couldn't tell if it was the chicken noodle soup)!

    I think the taco meat and soft shells was there before the "enhancements" but wasn't labeled like it was, and didn't carry the taco bowls previously. In the Italian section I enjoy the addition of the chicken pasta alfredo, but am saddened of the loss of my beloved raviolis. The brisket would be a welcome addition, but when I came in there it was fairly dry and hard to chew through, the prime rib was still awesome as well as the turkey. My wife enjoyed the India style food and her tacos were yummy (I think she did her own thing and did shrimp tacos instead of taco meat). Pizza was meh, but still better than I expected (my white slice was alright when I went there).

    Desserts are disappointing to me, since I have bad taste buds for anything but cake and brownies, and Hard Rock usually carries neither except on rare occasions (I would think a chocolate cake and/or chocolate brownie w/ chocolate frosting be a standard selection at buffets), I was also upset for the loss of the gelato station though I was happy that I could mix my two favorite ice cream flavors with the center handle on the left of the two new machines, chocolate and mint.

    Hard Rock has both improved and gone backwards with this "enhanced" offering deal, but hopefully future "enhancements" will come with signs for each individual item!!

  3. With Buffets, I have one goal in mind: find the Italian food.😍 My stomach is Italian. I'm not, as far as I know 😆, and I ALWAYS hunt it down. I don't care where it is, but I'll find it.

  4. I enjoyed the video. Only went once to that buffet but i don't typically like buffets because of the mixture if different food a d quality was never good. I have to say this time it did look very clean which is important to me and the food did look yummy overall. But i confess unlike you my favorite are the desserts. Wonder why its closed Wednesday and Thursday? Those days are the ones we mostly go so bummer i would've tried it again especially when i get that free. And you're not stupid 😂

  5. Oysters are gone? That was the reason why we went there. RIP the gelato case, but I do like soft serve too 🙂 This is the only buffet I've ever been to that doesn't offer fresh fruit. I was hoping they'd update that. But, for the price, I'd still give it another try.

  6. I want labels on the food! Sometimes I think places do that so you'll try something, say it's good, and then go for what you're looking for, and say that's good. It brings you back.

  7. I actually prefer being able to get my own soft serve ice cream. It was the only difference that I noticed when I was there a couple of weeks ago.

  8. I think, with the dessert section, it's about the surprise.
    It's too bad, I don't like surprises.
    my only one criticism: mashed potatoes, french fries AND mac&cheese on one plate = that's a lot of starch!

  9. I went Presidents Day weekend, as usual it was great. I went with my Daughter and 4 yr old Granddaughter, there were many choices for each of us to enjoy. We all like different food, so we were very pleased

  10. After all that food I thought you wasn’t going to get dessert!!! But you never fail to deliver the content😂😂 nice vídeo going to check out the new buffet this weekend

  11. Thanks for the Fresh Harvest update, Jeff.
    Now I’ll have to go on my next trip to AC, especially for my favorite item, the crepes!!
    Have a good weekend!

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