🤑Ruby HITS 4 Top Dollar BONUS in 10 mins!💵 @CowboySlots Fave HIGH LIMIT Las Vegas Old School Slots!

🐶 Ever play @CowboySlots FAVE 💵 TOP DOLLAR Slot machine with a PUG? (Yes?!) In this HIGH LIMIT Old School Slots video, Dan & Ruby play TOP DOLLAR Slots in Vegas, w/ 4 BONUS WINS in only 10 minutes! We’re hitting BIG Top Dollar Slot WINS with only $100! 💵 Dan & Ruby the Pug are winning TOP DOLLAR Bonus after Bonus on a HIGH LIMIT $2.50 slot machine, playing Las Vegas TOP DOLLAR slots today! 🎰

💵 We put the question to the test, how many TOP DOLLAR slot machine WINS can Ruby the Pug win in only 10 minutes?💵 Dan & Ruby are hitting TONS of Bonus rounds for BIG Top Dollar slot BONUSES! ➡️And make sure to watch and see how it ends!📺

🎥 This is another video in our TOP DOLLAR Slot machine series, so make sure to check out all of our other exciting slot videos!📺 And you have to hand it to Ruby, she left the 4-star hotel early to make sure she could get in her gambling.🐶

🎰 We’re playing Las Vegas TOP DOLLAR slots today, bringing you EXCITING casino action, gambling with a PUG! 🐶

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