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10 Tricks Casinos Don't Want You To Know

Having a flutter ‘on red’ or playing a few hands of cards can be a great way for your average punter to blow off a bit of steam. But for the casinos, this is serious business and they’ll do whatever they deem necessary to take your money as efficiently as possible. These are 10 Tricks Casinos Don’t Want You To Know…

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37 thoughts on “10 Tricks Casinos Don't Want You To Know”

  1. One thing that you may not know is that if you are underage to gamble you are NOT Allowed to sit in a chair anywhere on the casino floor either at a slot machine or at a table game. In 1996 I was 19 years old. I went to Las Vegas to see an Anne Murray concert and while down there I had to get my talking watch fixed. I am legally blind and at the time I was at the Flamingo and I asked a worker there where I could go to get my was tch fixed. She took my talking watch and handed it to the maintenance man and while he was fixing it the lady kept asking me to take a seat. I kept saying to her "No I am fine " and she said, "Oh no it's okay go ahead and take a seat and rest". This happened for about 5 or so minutes as she kept repeating this to me and me saying no. Once I told her that I was 19 years old she immediately said "NO Please Do Not Sit Down"! At that time I asked her why and she said that if I were to sit down not only I would be banned and arrested even if I was not playing any of the slots but she would be arrested and fired as well. I know you have to be 21 to rent a hotel room and I was able to rent a hotel room and while there No one ID me once. The thing is I was wearing a pair of grey slacks with a pair of dress shoes and a blue dress shirt and I had a grey sweater vest on and I was wearing my Airport ID Badge. I stayed at a hotel that no longer is in Vegas called the Western Hotel and Bingo House on 899 East Freemont Street. They had rooms that were 15.00 dollars a night if you were staying in their motel-style rooms and 19.00 dollars a night if you stayed in their interior rooms where you walked in an inside hallway.

  2. So we have

    – a clickbait fake thumbnail

    – 4 ranks of “they don’t want you to know what time it is”

    – 2 Ranks of “they have face scanners”

    – 2 ranks of “they want you to get lost”

    – 2 ranks of “you get free stuff”

    – and all in all 6 ranks of “they want you to stay as long as possible”

    Great video

  3. They also tweak rules at games like blackjack where if you play basic strategy you have nearly an even chance of winning. I like to think I am a snarky and cynical enough person that I am not going to fall for drinking alcohol at a casino, seems as bad as drinking and driving to me, totally insane when you think about it, even non-alcoholic as no doubt they have some kind of state of the art additives to those to dumb you down,. You could keep a time piece or set limits as to how many games, hands you will allow yourself, though few people are disciplined enough to stick to those, including myself at times. But I don't care if something looks fun, fun isn't fun to me, casino aesthetics strike me as infantile and revolting to be honest the only thing I like is making a few hundred bucks at Black Jack, yet you are going face some kind of curve ball at the black jack table, and of course you have to stop winning before they bounce you from the place or deny paying you out unless you give them your ID. Probably the biggest trick of all is the overall scheme and attitude that few tourist or casual gamblers realize: you are not supposed to win and they hate you for doing so.

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