23 Best Free Things To Do In Las Vegas 2023

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Although Las Vegas has been getting more expensive for you to visit in recent years, there are still many free and cheap things to do in 2023. We will review activities on the strip, off the strip and in downtown Las Vegas in the Fremont St. area. This will cover how to get free drinks, free play for slots, how to get match play for blackjack, military/veteran discounts, outdoor activities, family friendly stuff to do, shows to see and how to get free parking while also earning extra tier credits and rewards points to get more comps on your next vacation to a hotel or casino.

20 thoughts on “23 Best Free Things To Do In Las Vegas 2023”

  1. yo, Jacob, I'm travelling to Vegas from England for my birthday in late Feb. will you be around the strip at that time? it woul;d be nice to meet up with a local and shoot the shit over a beer or two.

  2. Thanks! I’ll share this with my friends. We’re going back to vegas in late March. I was supposed to go in late december but the flight got snowed in and cancelled. Hopefully we won’t get snowed in this time!

  3. Jacob. I have never seen anyone cover all the sports complexes in Vegas. For people coming from abroad this could be good to give them an idea of seasons, how to get tickets etc. something I’d like to know about being a sports nut from the UK

  4. 45 minutes outside Vegas is Buffalo Bills in Primm. It's an interesting place to check out. Prim has only 650 full-time residents, as far as I know. And it borders Jean Nevada which literally has no residence. At prim you can see Buffalo Bills it's an interesting place which recently had the Bonnie and Clyde death car. Prim also has a creepy abandoned Mall that has been turned into a massive artwork. If you drive 10 minutes beyond prim you'll see the incredible light towers that generate electricity. Make sure to be very careful with your eyes, maybe double up on sunglasses or bring welding glasses. Yeah, so. Be advised that prim doesn't have a Walmart and the fuel is expensive. So gas up in Vegas and buy all your snacks and provisions at Walmart in Vegas before heading out to prim, lol.

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