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On this episode of “Hey Bror Fredrik” I answer the question … “Hey Bror Fredrik … What are your 3 favorite casinos in downtown Las Vegas to play video poker??”

Come with me for a ride up the Las Vegas strip and I’ll tell you which Las Vegas casinos have the best video poker machines (in my opinion) and why.

Why I NEVER use a players cards when I play slot machines …

How Slot Machines Work …

3 Best Casinos in Las Vegas to Play Slots …
3 Worst Casinos in Las Vegas to Play Slots …

3 Best Casinos in Downtown Las Vegas to Play Slots …
3 Worst Casinos in Downtown Las Vegas to Play Slots …

And this playlist with all my tips, tricks and hack for playing slot machines in Las Vegas …

Gamble at your own risk … I am not responsible for your wins or loses. If you have a gambling problem please seek help

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I’m Bror Fredrik comin’ at you from Las Vegas where I do near daily videos and vlogs about all things Las Vegas as well as videos and discussion about lifestyle, health, current events, motivation, reviews … and a few adventures along the way! My channel is as much a show from Las Vegas as much as it is about Vegas.

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  1. Wow…that opened my eyes. Have played at Main Street over the years and have done so-so there on the VPM's. I do better at the Cal. I have not even thought about El Cortez in like 20 years…may need to go there next time I'm in LV. Have you done or are going to do vids of casinos in Pahrump, Primm, Mesquite, Laughlin or other towns with casinos in Nevada anytime soon?

  2. Jacks or Better, awesome video as usual Bror. We just returned from Vegas last Thursday, but I concur, Main Street Station has some great paybacks on their VP. Played for over an hour on one machine walked away $20 ahead and had 3-4 drinks. I have not been to El Cortez yet, probably next trip, but had good luck at California which I went to because Main Street doesn't have Blackjack on Tuesdays. Another place I found with favorable pays is Red Rock Casino. Hit three 4-of-a-kind within a 45 minute stint with multiple straights and full houses. Walked away $130 ahead. Great bonus content as well.

  3. Jacks or Better great video my last trip a few weeks ago i did great at the Cal did ok at Main Street but did good at Gold Coast on Double Double progressive i hit the 4 aces with kicker

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