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5 SURPRISING Things About Cruise Ship Casinos

I delve into gambling in cruise ship casinos to discover how to play, what to focus on and how cruise passengers use gambling to unlock perks, freebies, heavily discounted and free cruises – without seemingly gambling much money. Whether you are a small and timid player of slot machines or a big fan of playing the tables, you will discover all you need to know before playing.


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00:00 Start
00:40 All have casinos?
01:10 casino watch-outs?
01:18 worse odds?
02:18 table minimums?
02:48 less intimidating?
03:56 opening hours?
04:23 age limits?
04:49 games available?
06:01 cash or card?
07:17 drinks?
07:42 land perks?
08:07 similarities to land casinos?
08:14 smoking?
08:32 taxes?
09:06 how to get free cruises?
12:13 responsible gambling?

33 thoughts on “5 SURPRISING Things About Cruise Ship Casinos”

  1. Yes, odds of winning on a slot machine are less likely than on land based casinos. I prefer to play table games on a cruise ship casino. Odds of winning are the same as on land based casinos. Many land based casinos give classes too. Not all though. Took gaming lessons at the Holiday Inn Casino, and Imperial Palace Casino. Always bring the cash for gambling with you no matter where you go. Sometimes in a cruise casino I get a complimentary drink. I usually drink water because I'm thirsty. Don't drink and gamble. The Carnival Corp., Players Club, will track you along all the lines. Have gotten rewards for gambling even on another line that the Carnival Corp. owns. Yes, this is true. I get a special rate from lines owned by the Carnival Corp. provided by the Players Club. Have in the past received cash money, tickets to eat in a specialty dining room, discounts on cruises. The best discounts came from believe it or not, Princess Cruises.

  2. I would like to also state something. When you do set aside money for gambling like suggested here, keep your winnings separated. Don't treat it like "Oh,nore money for gambling!" and add it into the funds. This will help you keep better control of your money, as well as keep track of your win/loss record. Save the decision to gamble more until after your iniotial funds are depleted. At that point then you can decide if you want to set aside a percentage of your winning to keep gambling.

    As always, never discount the advice of friends or a concerned 3rd party. They may see you spending a lot of time gambling and become concerned about gambling addiction. At that point you can assuage their fears by stating you have your funds pre planned, or recognize you may have an issue. There is never any shame in getting help for something that may become a detriment to living your best life.

  3. What on earth is a “lotty program”? 9:01. Never heard of Lotty (loddie???) program but it sounds like he’s talking about a “players club” that every casino has and every cruise ship I’ve been. Usually you get pints etc through players program.

  4. On three Regent sailings Aug, Sep/Oct and Dec/Jan, it didn't take my wife long to sour on the Casino in which she – initially – only was comfortable in her knowledge of how to play slots. Thankfully, with the Black Jack minimums at $5, she responded to my encouragement to join me at the Black Jack table. Not only did she see her stake last longer, but also she quickly got the hang of the game and began to win a modest sum.

    Additionally, the REAL attraction for my wife became the "comradery of the table" – not dissimilar from inviting another couple to dine together, share a drink at one of the lounges, or join a Trivia team, the social interaction & atmosphere of the Black Jack table really turned out to be her cup of tea. The fortunate news in that regard was that at none of those tables did we encounter any hard-core ascocial serious gamblers. All were like-minded entertainment-value oriented casual gamblers who enjoyed helping each other and swapping stories . . . the same was true of the dealers, each of whom were just as interested in helping my wife become clear on the odds/options as they were in facilitating an enjoyable time for all at the table.

  5. That’s why they only open the casino while in international waters. No regulations on how much they have to payout. Literally best games to play are table games or holdem tournaments.

  6. Royal Carribean (Spectrum of the seas) sailing out of Singapore, which I was on last week has baccarat, roulette, blackjack, 5 card stud poker and "carribean" poker. There might have been one or two others, but these are the ones I recall. Personally I don't play against the house so I can't vouch for win rates etc. Tables were $5, 10, $15 and $25 minum bets with 2 x black jack tournaments and 2 x casino demo sessions (when sailing out of ports), this was on a 7 night cruise. I sailed on Quantum of the seas early last year where there were no $5 or $10 tables at all.

  7. The blackjack thing happens on land aswell. In classic blackjack a black jack pays you 3 to 2 so 10$ become 15, some casinos have started to offer tables with a rate of 6 to 5. Now this is just a trick to get more money from people who don‘t understand. The numbers look higher but in rality the rate is worse. 6 to 5 only pays you 12$ for your 10

  8. Do realize that the casino is the best way to get cash without using an ATM. For example, if you place $50 on your account at a lot machine, you can pull out your card from the machine and get $50 in cash from the cashier. If you have a 2% cash back card, you will get your rebate from the credit card.. I would be afraid if I had a 18-21 year old child attached to my account …

  9. re: Blackjack, it's not just cruises that are paying out 6 to 5 on blackjack, there are a few casinos in vegas that are slowly trying to make this the standard payout on a blackjack (as opposed to the 3:2 payout which is normal on a standard blackjack table.)

  10. I've only been cruising twice and both on Royal but the roulette pays are the same. There were both single and double zero roulette. Idk whether it was 3to2 or 6to5 on BJ because I didn't play or paid attention. Slots on one of two cruises were fun. I was hitting bonuses more frequently than Vegas (Vegas btw is HORRIBLE, especially on the strip, especially Caesar's properties) and ended up hitting a Major for $700 and my father hit a Major for $800.

  11. Hmm 3 dollar blackjack tables. Too bad Blackjacks don't pay out 1.5x, that changes the odds a lot. I sort of forgot that cruise ships are sort of behind the Los Vegas curve on how they do things. Vegas now tracks your every bet since they can, but it sounds like Cruise ships just spot you like they use to do in Vegas, i.e. pit boss logs your bet every once in a while it is then averaged over time… ie 10 minutes, might mean 5 hands if they spotted you at $5 and $10 — they would give you a $7.5 for 5 hands .

  12. Gary, you may want to do a little more research before giving your assumptions, rather than facts, about the subject of gambling on cruise ships. There were so many inaccuracies on this video that I wanted to grab you by the ear and demand that you stop talking about a subject with which you are so obviously unfamiliar. Start with poker tournaments. Both Carnival and NCL have annual championships akin to WSOP or WPT in which professional poker players attend. You either win a seat or buy into it for a hefty fee. They are great for poker players who cruise. I don't want to rant on and on about your silly utterances, but I assure you that slot machines are no less tight than our locals across the USA. You must have just pulled that 80% payout from thin air because they are not regulated and do not publish these rates as do land casinos, by jurisdiction requirement. Gamblers like to win. Without that thrill, we would go elsewhere for the excitement fix. Free drinks flow for the gamblers, but not for those who merely pass through the casino for that single nickel-saving purpose. I suggest that you stick to reviewing activities at ports; your educational gift is safe there.

  13. once cruise ships are in international waters, the casino rules are now subjected to their rules. i used to play these on cruise ships and one day got to gain my dealer trust, possibly we are of the same nationality and he probably didnt want me to lose all my money, but the dealer told me that these cards are missing certain cards to more favor the house.. in fact, certain games are tweaks to favor the house more often. when u are on their ships, its their rules that you are playing with. believe me or not, im just letting everyone know from what i learned.

  14. as a poker player, the tournaments are not structured the same (they are considered turbos with no consolidating the tables for a final table for a bigger win)also a 20% rake
    when you play poker at a table against other players , the house takes 10% of each pot and you get no reward points at all for playing, which i think is wrong seeing how much they rake the pot

  15. Take it from someone who knows… Machine percentages on ships usually range from 85 to 90%, basically the more you bet the better the return. Blackjack odds are the same (3 to.2) but 6 to 5 on low limit tables. Dealer also hits soft 17, which improves odds for the house slightly but this actually began in land base casinos and is still in place for some. Ultimate Texas Holdem, 3 Card Poker, Let it Ride, Roulette etc, etc (same odds). Craps is the same odds but there is a bet on the table "called" taking odds and some land base casino's allow you to bet 10 times or an unlimited amount behind your passline bet. Ships often only offer single odds (with overlay) or double odds for higher limit players. Higher limits still, will be given 3, 4 or 5 times odds.

  16. 3:04 when I see people crying about people playing "wrong" I always drop to the minimum bet and split tens, hit hard 16 against a 6, etc….

    It's my fucking money, you have no right to tell me how to fucking play. If you don't like it, leave. And they usually do leave and then I go back to enjoying myself. It's insanely rare to find a game where people are just there to have a good time in land casinos. And I fucking hate the guys that take it too seriously.

    Maybe I should try a cruise ship one day. ☺️

  17. I like the free alcohol once you reach a certain player level. Saves me the trouble of having to buy a drink package on RC. I can go to the casino if I’m at the pool, grab a drink and go right back to the pool.

  18. We are doing a free cruise in two weeks. We gambled a bit last time and left ahead. I play video poker and can tell the if odds are good before playing as opposed to slot machines.

  19. Dear Sir,
    I recently LOST $20,000 on my last cruise 3 weeks ago. I most likely will never recover financially and this came out of no where. I cannot explain it. I want to cruise again but I am terrified. Does anyone know if cruise lines will actually assist in enforcing a limit that you can gamble?

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