A comprehensive video on how Cruise Ship Casinos Rate Players for Free Cruises and Comps

This 20 minute video describes how to earn more free cruises and comps then you will be able to fit in your calendar. I just talked to my princess Players Club Agent and he informed me I have 18 free cruises to book in 2024. So I just booked 4 cruises totaling 72 days January through March 2024. 2 20 day back to back on the enchanted princess and 2 16 day cruises to Hawaii back to back on the Crown princess. I still have 14 more free cruises on Princess and 12 more free cruises on Carnival. There’s not enough calendar left lol 😂. I say all of this not boasting, but merely showing that when you get in the system you are ALWAYS getting more FREE CRUISES than you can use. #princesscruises #carnivalcruises #FREECRUISES

22 thoughts on “A comprehensive video on how Cruise Ship Casinos Rate Players for Free Cruises and Comps”

  1. “Betting like a whale” do you still play at the 6 dollar minimum table or do you go to the 25.00 minimum? Usually the 25.00 table is lonely, I like to play with more people. What table do you sit at?

  2. So when you are buying in every night are you saying you are spending 3,000 dollars per night? If so, wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy your own cruise room? Help me out here on this logic. Maybe I misunderstood you.

  3. Hi Mark question, if I already booked 3 free cruises this January – February, do I need to have a big bank roll eg big bankroll and spend 4 hrs/day in casino for each cruise? Or can I just enjoy free time on my first 2 cruise then play hard on the last/3rd cruise to get another comp cruise offer in the email?

  4. Mark thanks for the great info. Are ones odds better at the craps table better for longer play for a newbie player? We are going on Cranial in Jan . Is there someone you can recommend to watch to learn how to play? Thanks again hope to run into you one day. Happy sailing

  5. I just got off a free cruise 2 weeks ago…got $1000 casino cash just for showing up…won big on my nov. cruise , gave them about a grand back on the Dec. cruise…just started working the system and it's awesome

  6. Do you or can you set up a front money account on the cruise ship like on land based casino. so you can take out a marker ? or do you just carry 3-9 thousand on to the ship in cash ? Thanks

  7. So you lose an average of $400 per night, total $2,100 on a 7-day cruise. Get rewarded with a 20 day cruise, and now lose $8,000 and get rewarded with 3 more 20 day cruises?

    This is likely for retirees or people on social security / disability… because the average working person would struggle to get that much time off from work to go on cruises, and spend a third of their vacation in a casino. 🤡

  8. I was going to ask about tipping. They do like to be tipped. If I need an 8, I'll say. 1$ Hard 8 for the crew. once in a long while, if I need a 9 I'll say $1 hard 9 for the crew and get a big laugh. I don't know if they're laughing out of courtesy or not, but it does get their attention.

  9. i dont understand what green chip means and black chip means. i got lost. so the casino knows how many black chips you have so dont bet those. bet the green ones. you have 600 black in your pocket. what is a pocket? so you take the black chips home not converting to cash? i dont understand. please help. thank you for making and sharing this video. this is gonna be an instant classic video. edit: i watched it over and over again. i think i get it now. so you come back to the cashier later on to cash in the black chips right?

  10. serious question. if one cruises all the time, how does one earn the money one needs to consistently pay the $3-5k (per night) buy in? even if one stops after losing a predetermined amount $400. that is potentially losing $400 per night for each night one cruises.

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