Beating 5 Scam Arcade Games with Science

I built 5 robots to beat the 5 most popular arcade games. If you want to unlock the magic of engineering in your life, go to (for teenagers and older) OR (for teenagers and younger).

And if you want that backpack (minus the contraptions to win all the games), you can find it here-

Yes that is the plants vs zombies music! Credit to the inimitable Laura Shigihara-

35 thoughts on “Beating 5 Scam Arcade Games with Science”

  1. I'm trusting you guys with to use the PEZ trick responsibly!! And I know it's been a hot minute since I've posted, but my videos take a lot of work and I've got 3 more BANGER vids to drop before the end of the year!

  2. On the punching one you need a bigger point. The small point would be better for a knockout but not force. Just like a boxing glove gives more force but mma gloves gets you more knockouts.

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