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Before You Buy an Epiphone Casino – Watch This!

In this video I’ll demo a stock Epiphone Casino. We’ll use clean and overdriven tones as well as compare it to my original 61 Casino!

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0:00 – Intro
2:49 – Amp
3:16 – Clean
5:31 -Not Fade Away
5:47 – Dirty Tones
6:48 – Jazz Tones
10:29 – Comparison

21 thoughts on “Before You Buy an Epiphone Casino – Watch This!”

  1. This would be wonderful to win!
    I stupidly sold my late 1960's Epiphone Casino that was built in the old Gibson Kalamazoo factory back in the late 1970's for about $150 because I was moving out of my parent's home to be a ski bum, DOH!
    Now decades later I'm finally making an honest attempt at learning guitar with the help of courses like Beginner Blues Guitar Lessons Rhythm w/ Corey Congilio, Intermediate Blues Guitar Lessons Rhythm w/ Corey Congilio, Blues Rock Connection w/ Corey Congilio, Beginner Lead Blues Guitar Lessons/Electric Guitar Soloing w/ Corey Congilio, etc.

  2. Being a Beatles fan the Casino is one of my most desired guitars, your in depth review has shed some light for me with regards to its many capabilities. Questions: How do the Worn Casinos compare to the two you showcased here? What pickups would you recommend that can enhance the Casino? Thank you again for your awesome work, it is greatly appreciated by us guitar aficionados, and congratulations on your subscriptions and success on your channel, may God Bless always Corey!

  3. Hi Corey. I've got got an older Chinese Casino that I love with some noiseless Fralins for use with earphones, but I'm reluctant to play it out because of hollow body feedback issues. Could you address how you 'tame the beast' onstage? I reckon it might require another video.

  4. As always, a great demo. Man, you are such a tasty player Corey. You really make it all sound so good. You also really know how to do a true demo (and there are a lot out here who call there videos "demos" when they are actually not much more than a guitar player (or whoever) just having a chance to show off their latest hot licks. So, respect brother! Hey, any chance you could get your guitar hands on an old (same vintage as your Casino) Gibson ES-330 and A/B them for us? I bought a pre-owned (but never used) current Chinese Epi Casino back in the summer and like it. I got a good deal on it and bought it kinda on a whim. I knew what I was buying and it is exactly what you demonstrated here – a very cool and versatile axe that is a great value for the latitude of sounds (and styles) you can get out of it. But, as your old gorgeous Casino demonstrated, there is most definitely a difference between the genuine old Casino and a new Chinese one! But, I am curious what your own Casino and a vintage 330 do beside one another. If this is do-able some time, I would be most appreciative. Again, thanks for the great demo vid. Regards from Stratford, ON., CA. Cheers.

  5. I played one and didn't care for it. Then I played one of the new US made ones and bought it immediately. Paying almost 5x what the one made in China cost was a tough pill to swallow. Realizing later that the Chinese one was a dud and that some (maybe most) are nice was tougher. Still, it's nice to get a guitar that you love without changing a thing compared to knowing you need to upgrade the pickups and hoping it works out right.

  6. I always loved John Lennons later Casino sound (Abey Road era), and bought one a few years back. I loved it instantly although the guitar dit have some kind of of a rattle or should I call it hum? Anyway, replacing the bridge helped, but there is still some noise left I hope to deal with. I think I'll try taking off the pick guard.
    I actually like the pick ups, even if they are a little less hot (I found out by following a pup replacement video). I wonder what aging does to a 50 year old guitar: how did it sound 50 years ago? Were the pups always hotter or can pups seem to become hotter – in relation to the maturing wood of the guitar?

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