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Behind The Scenes with a Vegas Slot Company Executive

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47 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes with a Vegas Slot Company Executive”

  1. Very good and informative video. Something new and different! So much better than the many U-Tubers doing reviews of Vegas buffets. "Look at the spareribs Margaret." How boring!

  2. Thank you Jacob. Getting to the behind the scenes factors that make up our casino experience. You really do go above and beyond to educate and entertain us. I've got a guy in AC, but like I mentioned before, you are my guy in Vegas. Keep up the good work! 👍

  3. He’s the vp of marketing, so I don’t think your questions about how the slot machines work is directed to the right person. You should ask these question to the people who program the slots!

  4. Also, I'm noticing that it looks like you filmed this around Christmas time several months ago but it looks like it's a fresh drop from you just yesterday (3-11-23). We're you contemplating not releasing this video after filming it? Just curious since it's a pretty straight forward video that did not require a ton of editing or effects it looks like.. Im really glad that you did the video btw, you did a great job with it! One last little question… the answers he's giving you seem pretty dang scripted. I'm gonna guess that tobdo this interview, they probably required you to submit your questions to them prior to your visit so they could come up with a "script" or at least be ready with some answers that makes them good & responsible, but also keep their "clientele" (IE: the Casinos) with these answers, as to not reveal very much of anything… Last Question: Did they try restrict or refrain you from asking any certain types of questions or certain topics that were deemed to be "no-no's"?

  5. Wow!!! First thing I'm noticing is just how EMPTY, BARE-BONES, AND BASICALLY A GHOST-TOWN ESQUE VIBE to their ENTIRE OFFICE & WHAREHOUSE!!!! Are they on the verge of Bankruptcy? Or is this just what the gaming industry has been reduced down to after "loosing" massive amounts of $$$ during Covid-19 Era from lost tourism? Or are they in desperate need of more employees like in every single department, which basically seems to be the common case these days after the "Pandemic" for most industries? MAYBE ALL OF THE ABOVE?…
    We're there any areas that were strictly OFF-LIMITS where they did NOT want you to film? Curious since you can hear the guy talk about an area having "lots of crazy decorations, and slot machines" but all that I shown is a handful of cubicles in the background, a few posters on the walls A LOT OF EMPTINESS, and then a couch you guys are sitting in?

  6. I love how the industry always basis their payouts based on play back rate. Play back makes the game fun but the real numbers to be looked at is the hold percentage. I wish there was more transparency on that issue. Most of the games I ever ran held 40 to 45 percent of the money ran through that machine. What's nevada hold percentage.

  7. I really appreciate showing all aspects of Vegas! It’s great that you are always thinking out of the box with your videos. Keep up the awesome work!

  8. You sure that wasn’t Wayne Gretzky you interviewed? Sure looked and sort of sounded like him. Jacob, your content in the last 6 to 12 months has really blossomed. Congratulations. Question I’d ask this guy … is there really an adjustment the casino can make to change slot machine odds at any given 0:47 time? Airport slot machines are supposedly worse odds than elsewhere in LV, but where or how is that adjustment made to allegedly make them harder to win on?

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