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BEST Approach to Count Cards at Blackjack in 2023

Just starting out Card Counting? Thinking of going a Pro? There are a lot of people that have tried and failed, and only a few that have succeeded. In this video I’ll be taking you through what my experience was like back when I started 20 years ago and compare it with how I would approach the process of becoming a Card Counter TODAY.

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Basic Strategy:

0:00 Card Counting THEN vs NOW
1:00 How to Train
2:20 How to Bet
3:26 How to Attack the Casino
4:16 Where to play
6:10 Taking Trips
6:37 Advanced Advantage Play
7:20 When to go Full time

32 thoughts on “BEST Approach to Count Cards at Blackjack in 2023”

  1. You should do a collaborative video with one of the poker channels such as split. suit on the difference, similarities, pros and cons of professional poker vs professional blackjack.

  2. Colin, I would love a video on how you worked your way up in the early days. EXACTLY what you did, exactly what mistakes you were making and how corrected them, exactly what stakes you were playing and what you moved up to. It would be very inspiring for those of use starting out and struggling at low stakes.

  3. Great video Colin. You took the last 2 months of my podcast absorption and made it 8 minutes long 😀 Very concise and digestible.
    Sweet sound effects too. Definitely need more of that. @Nickname

  4. Little bit of an eye roll here on the “other advantage opportunities”. Tell me a side bet that can be counted easily. The only one so know of requires you to keep track of the suit count as well.

  5. I think most who might "succeed" aren't a "pro".
    Like for me, it's just a bit of a side hustle. I don't live around casinos most of the year anyway.
    If you hired me for minimum wage to work as an instructor for a couple half days every other weekend at one of your clinics, it'd be about the same money for what I'm doing – but without the nasty variance. But thats ok.

  6. One tip that I’ve used is having my wife at the table playing alongside me. She will stop and ask me about her hand on occasion (she knows about 90% of BasicSt). I also nudge her lightly (inconspicuously cause we sit close together) to raise her bet and she’ll raise before I do.

  7. Hello Colin! Great video and commentary as always! You're the only source of this type of information, that explains everything step by step! Thank you again Colin! Robert /:-)

  8. Might be your best video yet, I think one thing a lot of people need to realize you can make great money card counting on the side. I mean the casino isn't paying your health insurance 😂

  9. ‘Let me explain to you why card counters end up making YouTube videos instead of being card counters’
    1. Advantaged play isn’t your first stream of income and/or it’s a side hustle
    2. YouTube can be fairly good for income if you can capitalize on niche viewer markets
    3. Your wife threatened to leave you and take the kids

  10. The where to play part is probably one of the most important sections in the video. I was lucky and played at tolerant places in my early career, but I've definitely overstayed some places.

  11. Absolutely the best video. Just what I needed. I’ll be getting the BJA membership as soon as I get through Basic Strategy and start playing a little more.

  12. I haven’t always done card counting that much, since it can be a difficult task to keep up with the count, as the cards are being dealt in front of you, as well as keeping up with the players right next to you, or even in front of you.

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