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Best way to play Bubble Stadium RollToWin Casino Craps (Part 1)

► Download Up As You Lose Strategy Chart



► Download Hop Inside Easy’s Pay Chart

► Download Out of sight, Out of mind (Method To Madness) Chart (5/25/100 Table)

► Download D’alembert Double Dippin’ Box Numbers + Field ($25 Level)

► Download D’alembert Double Dippin’ Box Numbers + Field ($15 Level)

► Download D’alembert Box Numbers multi Chart ($25 Level) BLACK

► Download D’alembert Box Numbers multi Chart ($25 Level)

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9 thoughts on “Best way to play Bubble Stadium RollToWin Casino Craps (Part 1)”

  1. So I did this today at Harrahs Rincon SoCal. Went to the cashier and gave her $3000 and asked for three $1000 tickets. Picked out my individual BC machine and inserted the tickets. Right away it spit out a ticket for one cent. As the max was $2999.99. Went $34 across. Can’t remember what I hit but first ticket was for $14 and some change. Started pressing. The tickets just started coming I was in shock. I was up like $256. in like 14 minutes. Within another 15 minutes I was at 567. Then I started getting pounded with sevens on the come outs and got into a deficit. Also I started doubling the bets instead of pressing them. Cashed out $400 in about 40 minutes. Thanks Vince

  2. Pretty awesome Vince. Been trying to get this to lose using a $1000 Bankroll, and it just keeps recovering!
    I'm regressing to BASE level Across bets when 'In Profit' (Buy-in + previous Profit amount), "Bankroll" in Crapsee.
    At first I was pressing UP a level after every roll & replacing lost amounts after a 7 during recovery. Pretty aggressive, but it works too.
    Like your moderate play rules of regress to BASE after a 7 & press only after a Box number better. Slower recovery, but less pucker factor

  3. Awesome recovery Vince! I think me practicing with real dice isn't the same because I can never ever get rolls long enough to recover after I'm in to deep. Very glad to see you got out of that huge hole

  4. Super cool for Bubble Craps. Could never do this at a live table. Keeping track of your live bets plus the rail and the dealers having to up and down constantaly could prove difficult, but on the bubble craps, where you can see your credits like this? Super easy. And you can program those bet buttons to do what you want, too.

  5. Vince, what are your honest thoughts on RNG machines…Craps, Bac, Roulette and BJ?
    I've seen 51 rolls without a 7 and I've had 12 7's in 18 rolls. I've seen 18 rolls without a Field number being hit. Wondering if the brick and mortar casino has an algorithm tracking bets.

  6. Awesome again as usual. Is it possible to test this auto roll session everyday for a few weeks? If I see this win everyday and never lose your bankroll, I’ll play this as my only strategy as often as I can. $500 a day is $15,000 a month. That’s a pretty good living.

  7. Vinnie, good luck with the playing sound for hot shooter. Might need to put in a support ticket cuz the wincraps command play sound doesn't work. I test copied a small .wav file to the same folder as the program .exe as well and it just doesn't play it for anything. Tried to trigger it with initializing script, with a certain roll, it doesn't play it. I tested turning on and off the sound settings in preferences, it plays those sounds fine, just won't play the wav file.

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