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But Even These Have 😰Dark Stories

These are the 3 LEAST Haunted Casinos on the Vegas strip. Do you agree?

Thank you for watching!

Music by:
R Naught
Kevin Graham

9 thoughts on “But Even These Have 😰Dark Stories”

  1. Not to sound morbid
    Or glorify the bad guy

    What ever happened to that Vegas hotel that had the mass shooter shooting that concert

    Did they repair the damages and rent out that room and they don’t tell anyone the horrible things that happened in that room

    Or did they close the room for good and put a wall
    In front of where the door used to be

  2. I got lost in Cosmo recently. A very nice lady in a dress was kind enough to give me directions. She even touched my arm and asked me if I'd like her to come with me. Ya know…to make sure I found my way.

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