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CRUISE SHIP CASINO TIPS – What Games do Cruise Ship Casinos Have? Best cruise casino games to play?

In this video we look Cruise Ship casinos. Specifically we look at what games for cruise ship casinos have and which are the best cruise ship casino games to play.

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25 thoughts on “CRUISE SHIP CASINO TIPS – What Games do Cruise Ship Casinos Have? Best cruise casino games to play?”

  1. FYI fellow travellers, if you've gambled in Las Vegas before, keep in mind that Nevada State Gaming has regulations for Las Vegas casino slot machines to have a theoretical minimum payout limit of 75% (Regulation #14). It makes sure all Las Vegas slot machines actually pay out a minimum 75% of players' bets (theoretically). It prevents casinos from setting up their machines to pay out less than 75% or none at all. These cruise ship casinos dont have any regulations to follow or abide by since you are essentially gambling in international waters. Im sure they wouldn't, but the cruise ship could set up their slot machines to never pay out (or barely at all) since there are no regulations stopping them from doing so. If you want to gamble (and win), stick to the tables on cruise ships.

  2. If you know how to count cards and play perfect strategy, then blackjack is a technical winning game for the player. You can also find video poker that gives a slight edge to the player if you know how to read the payout tables and execute perfect strategy. Execution for these things are much easier said than done. Also, if you get backed off for card counting in blackjack, you're probably done playing for the whole cruise, and they might even ban you from the casino on other cruises on the same line.

  3. I play slots for two reasons…I know I will loose and I don't care as I am having fun trying not to loose and 2, I don't have to think too much as I am just there to have fun with the thrill of winning a few coins. I'm not a serious gambler as you can tell.

  4. Never seen Craps on a ship – possibly varies by line – I've sailed with P&O and Princess and don't recall seeing Craps. Certainly had BlackJack and Roulette and often 3 card poker

  5. I enjoy Hold'em. I always enter the on-board tournaments. I have won two tournaments over the years and cashed $1000 for a second place finish once. A lot of gamblers don't like the virtual card tables they use on most cruise lines. A agree there seems to be more river reprieves (where the last "river" card changes who wins the hand) than the odds would allow. No way to prove. Nightly cash play can be spotty. Games don't get going till later at night, often after 10. Imho, an experienced player can often do well. Look out for the occasional crew member at the table who's really good. Some crew are allowed to dress in civilian clothes and gamble in the casino when off duty. Of course there are sharks and pro gamblers, but I contend that, on average an experienced player can expect to do ok or better with a little luck. PS, I'm no pro, just a guy that plays poker with his friends

  6. Before I set foot on the ship I decide how much is the maximum I am prepared and to promise myself I will stop when I loose that amount of money. I would love to play the coin pusher, I like slot machines and like scratch tickets.

  7. I just got off theAllure of the Seas and the hottest machine was Buffalo Gold. One person won $14,000 on a $3 bet and another won $17,000 on a 3$ bet. They were being played constantly.

  8. OK you added nothing new or any insight as to how the casinos on cruise ships could be better or worse or want to look out for thank you for never getting back 10 minutes of my life watching this

  9. SAY A COUPLE "OF" BETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT: A COUPLE BETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (USE "OF")!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAD ENGLISH!!

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