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Cruise Ship Casinos: What to Know Before You Play

Cruise ship casinos are similar to their land-based counterparts, but there are some difference that you’ll want to know. From payouts on games to casino hours — and even some crazy games you won’t find on land — there’s plenty to know.

See more about cruise gaming here:

46 thoughts on “Cruise Ship Casinos: What to Know Before You Play”

  1. FYI fellow travellers, if you've gambled in Las Vegas before, keep in mind that Nevada State Gaming has regulations for Las Vegas casino slot machines to have a theoretical minimum payout limit of 75% (Regulation #14). It makes sure all Las Vegas slot machines actually pay out a minimum 75% of players' bets (theoretically). It prevents casinos from setting up their machines to pay out less than 75% or none at all. These cruise ship casinos dont have any regulations to follow or abide by since you are essentially gambling in international waters. Im sure they wouldn't, but the cruise ship could set up their slot machines to never pay out (or barely at all) since there are no regulations stopping them from doing so. If you want to gamble (and win), stick to the tables on cruise ships.

  2. When it comes to cruising, gambling in the casino is the single worst way of wasting time and money. There are plenty of better things to do on board than mindlessly pushing buttons on a slot machine, rolling the dice, or waiting on the outcome of the roulette. Even just standing on the railing, watching the waves is more nourishing for the soul than that.

  3. We're booked on Princess out of SF, CA and I CANNOT WAIT to practice Craps! I've studied YouTube videos, but I'm too intimidated to sit at a table in Vegas as a newbie. I usually do BlackJack or slots in Vegas, but I'm really looking forward to the Princess staff being patient with a newbie 🙂

  4. If you have non-refundable cruise credit, you can spend it at the casino rather than on excursions, etc. If you win anything, you get the cash. A hack to try: add some or all of your nonrefundable credit on to a slot machine, then cash out. You'll get a ticket that you can turn to cash. Or, place one small bet, then cash out. Either way, you win.

  5. I used to go to land-based casinos five times a week. Not anymore. I only play on cruise ships, they give me free cabins, sometimes inside and sometimes suites and everything in between. The also give me from $200 to $2000 in free play. Having said that let me add that I win as much on the ship as I did on the land-based casino. They all take my money, but at least I get a free cruise, and I don't lose any more on water as I did on land.

  6. I can manage to break even playing the single deck 6/5 BJ by counting cards. During my last free 12 day cruise this year, I broke even playing the whole trip. They don't care if players raise bet from $10 to $150. I only raise 5 times, from $10 to $60. I got barred from a few casinos in Vegas doing just that.

    I am not trying making money in the casino. I just want to break even. With my gambling actions on cruise ship, I have been taking five or six 12-15 days cruises for free all over the world. They are $5,000 to $7,000 for me and my wife, if I have to pay for them. I am basically "winning" close to $30,000 every year, if I don't loose. I can pick and choose a lot of cruises around the world for free.

    It is almost imposible to win at casino on cruise ships, unless you are lucky. Just play and have fun using a gambling budget. BJ and Craps have the best odds.

    6/5 BJ and Craps are about 1.5% negative odds against the players. By counting cards on BJ, I can reduce it to under 1%. Craps is different. Normally you get 7 once every 6 roll. I have a table at home that I practice certain dice set and my toss. My 7 out average is 1 out of 10 times average. That's why I can manage to break even at the craps table on the ship.
    Most people loose on the ship because they play the slot with negative odds of about 10%.
    Stick to single or double deck BJ and craps only to survive and have fun.

  7. On the coin pusher machines, you can break even if you do this: Just feed the coins using the left or rignt slot only. Before you start, check to see which machine you shouls play. Play the ones with a lot of coins or dollar bills hanging at each ends.
    I usually get back what I put in.

  8. On a weekend RCCL cruise, Wife invested about $200 out of pocket and played with her winnings and we've received two complimentary cruises for 2022, including Symphony of the seas for 7 days.

  9. The Covid stuff mentioned is no longer in place. There were no barriers, no empty spaces, no turned off machines and no social distancing rules in place. If you don't like it, don't go. We loved it!!

  10. I only worked on a cruise ship (NCL) for 2 weeks as a musical entertainer (crew is definitely not allowed to gamble) and I met a lady on the second day who told me she and her husband lived close to Miami and were on an emailing list for last minute cruises to fill up the ship at a discounted rate. Like Groupon cheap. She said she and her husband got the 7 days for $400 and she won it back on the first day on video slots. Free Caribbean cruise.

  11. Fu*king Cruise Ships Hate Them …. In Bahamas pier 6 is now Owned by me, every time a Cruise Ship came in it cast a Huge Shadow over 7 Mile Beach at the Port end , Where the Owners of the Luxury Villas were, So we all got together and bought the Pier … So that the cruise Ship could not Dock….Any More and spoil the Sunshine ☀️ with their huge Shadows.. All Cruise Ships should be Banned or at least have a Hight restriction….

  12. I like how he says that there are low cost, then says penny slots. Statistically penny slots are one of the most expensive games to play when you consider the amount of lines that are on a penny slot.

  13. Anytime you hear the words house advantage which every game has that means in the long run you will lose. People that talk about what they win is short-term winnings. That's possible. However, if you keep going back you will lose it back and more. The the house advantage on ships is greater than it is in land-based casinos. Play for entertainment.

  14. Gamble with care. They cheat. I dont remember what I was playing but the dealer was shuffling and got the same cards twice in a row. I think it was Caribbean stud. It was clear he was cheating. I shuck my head and he just laughed. That was my last bet on a cruise. Prior to that I've had some luck. If you must gamble, do it on the first day or two of the cruise. The last day or so they are taking all they can get.

  15. Casinos on cruise ships are like the the casino in the airport in Las Vegas. Avoid at all costs. The odds are a lot higher. You might get lucky but chances are you will not.

  16. I only play craps. Their play is EXACTLY like land based casinos near me. 3x 4x 5x is the norm here. Therefore I love playing on the ships. And lower table minimum.

  17. I personally have never won any thing in a cruise ships casino. I did win $100 at bingo on Lido deck which is a lot of fun. I have seen folks win hundreds to thousands on a ship, about as much as a land based casino. I sat at the casino bar once and watch folks playing one of those skill crane game. I just kept shaking my head at people throwing away money, until some guy won an "I Phone" He was so happy he bought a round at the bar.

  18. Play the machines on end of row, in traffic paths… won several times, my buddy hit 2800$, they gave him a free cruise… yes he played a lot of money, but got it back Royal Caribbean

  19. Used to work as a dealer in a cruiseship casino.. Star Cruises( basically a floating casino) and ncl… It was always fun to deal wirh a full seated table.. Unless you have a drunk player… Once i had a drunk player who came in with his equally drunk wife… And he kept grabbing me… Had him reported and he was issued a warning… The next day he visited my table again but he went inside the cordoned area and gave me a back hug… Saying i was his lucky charm( crazy bastard!) …had to shout for security to rescue me… After that he was forcefully thrown out and banned from entering the casino… 😂

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