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How Casinos CHEAT YOU!➜Rigged Roulette

►Crazy Cheating Roulette Spins!➜
►Really Fair Roulette➜
Can Casinos CHEAT us in Front of our Eyes? Roulette Balls Defeating the Laws of Physics?
Live roulette casinos caught cheating on camera. If we spread the word and expose the truth we can help eliminate cheating casinos and enjoy a fair roulette game. PLEASE SHARE SO EVERYONE KNOWS! This is Why you Lose roulette (always!)
In this video you can watch various spins in which the roulette ball jumps inexplicably with increased velocity (instead of decelerating) and changes direction. The proof is on this video!
Now-days the roulette balls are made of piezoelectric ceramic. The material used is BaTiO3 on the surface, and BaSO4 on the inside for insulation.
The ball caries a polarized surface charge when hit by an ultrasonic sound wave. This wave is sent from the inter-digital transducers placed in the spoons (pockets) of each number. They send a wave to the ball that polarizes the surface with a negative charge. The spoon of the number is also negative, therefore the ball jumps out through electrostatic repulsion (see also Patent US9114940 ).
Each number pocket has a switch which is controlled by a transistor called IGBT. This transistor turns on the switch so that the spoon in negatively charged. The casino leaves the pockets that it wants the ball to go in neutral, or switch off.
►If you have recorded strange spins, please send it to us to expose (
►Best Roulette Videos Ever, Anywhere!➜
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Roulette is a game of Luck. Your Results May Vary and you are more likely to Lose than Win.
Out videos are for entertainment and education ONLY.

42 thoughts on “How Casinos CHEAT YOU!➜Rigged Roulette”

  1. Thats why these casinos uses very light balls so that is not too obvious if the ball jumps. Avoid casinos that uses light balls. They should bring back balls that are made from steel when they land iy wouldnt jump too much.

  2. Many players have wondered how to hack gambling sites. They wish they could win every time they spin the reels of a slot machine or roulette wheel, but the truth is that very possible contact 🔝

  3. I have always observed that they show different results to each player with a pre-recorded video. During this process you would think the network is lagging. They know what to do if the time comes to make any individual player lose money

  4. a very good video. But where are the lawyers and prosecutors ….? it is now that we see VERY CLEANLY how we have 15 red or black in a row … and where are the game inspectors. a disguised prosecutor to go there and catch them anyway. Thanks for the video

  5. Watch a live table for about 30 spins and the 0s never came up. Was playing a strategy with only 6 losing numbers and 0 00 came up back to back and lost all my money. Absolutely rigged.

  6. What, the chances of winning aren't completely random ?? Next thing, you'll be telling me the slot machines aren't tripped to pay out only when they're programmed to, no matter how the odds seem in your favour.

  7. I know there rigged I stay in one section say I win 100 of a 20 pound spin I know it's going to lose 5 times in a row to take it back so I wait 5 or 6 spins then I double my bet and 9 times out of 10 I win even rigged they have to know when to land it too

  8. What kind of shitty, dodgy casinos do you guys go to? You really believe all this rubbish? I worked in casinos all over the world for nearly 30 years and not one of them tried to cheat the players. There's no need to, a mathematical edge is built into every game. Unless your casino is up some back street and run by obvious bandits this video is laughable.

  9. What about, the fact there might be five hundred people playing off the same roulette table, some people betting very little, some people betting a lot, but how would they calculate all that so fast and decide a number to land on, which in turn will help them and not the player?

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