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How Do Casinos Make Money?

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How do casinos make money? Can you make money at a casino? How likely is it that you will win money?

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31 thoughts on “How Do Casinos Make Money?”

  1. I only went to a casino once when i was in Las Vegas. Game in with $50.000 and put it all on red. I won and then had $100.000. I took my chips, and was goin for the cash out to leave.. But they saw me on my way and then offert me a few free drinks and food because they saw i won that amount. I think they want me to get drunk, so i would lose my $100.000.. But i accepted the free drinks and food. Then i leaved.
    Do they offer that because they want me to get drunk and play away all my money, or how does that work? Why do they give it to me for free, when i just made them lose $50.000?

  2. I went into a casino before a year, I lose 50$ and almost a year I don't get back in casino, today just to show my friend how it is working, I bet 30$ and yes the near misses made me thinking I'm going to get something, but at the end I lost the money.

  3. Only a true gambler will recognise the grave misfortune that gambling genuinely brings about in a person's life. In any form in any life in any version of reality , the house wil always, all ways wins. Gambling is no different in comparison to illicit substance (controlled drugs) abuse. Try me once and I might let you go 💁🏻‍♂️, try me twice and I'll own your soul. your life , your family, your wealth, your career , your achievements , your past and your future . And as usual , an addict will hardly or never admit that they are addicted 🤭 . Hypocrisy. Denial. You may always conceal your feelings away from everyone and put on that fake smile, but deep down your heart , you know it's killing you inside . Say no to gambling , there is never a quick rich path in life . Success is a struggle. Remember folks 😊👍🏽 !

  4. Love the title of this vid. Answer: They open their doors . . . . and let the steady flow of dummy's empty their wallets into their til.

  5. I've been addicted to gambling. I won like 47k one time and another 73k the next weekend, and I kept going back thinking I was gonna win big again. Nope. Left it all behind. It put me in a very very depressing state. Took me a long time to get over it. Never going to a casino again and I showed my friend this video , who started getting into gambling and was losing alot.

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