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How to Get More Comps in Casinos!

Steve Bourie, author of the American Casino Guide, interviews gambling author/expert Jean Scott, who is known as “The Queen of Comps,” for details on how to take advantage of the casino comping system. They discuss what comps are, how players earn them, the best way to get room comps, the role of a casino host, plus much more. Note: this is an edited version of a video originally released in February, 2011.

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36 thoughts on “How to Get More Comps in Casinos!”

  1. Yeah casinos don't comp like they used to 15- 20 years ago she's making it sound like they are easy comps they're not one you have to spend a big chunk of money to get comped on anything before it was easy to come the buffet in the hotel but seeing that the hotels really don't have buffets in their hotels like they used to and comping a room even in the shittiest hotels doesn't happen don't get me wrong there are cops it's just you have to be at the right place at the right time they don't hand them out like she's talking like

  2. The best comps are free rooms and resort credit to use for food. I can live without the free slot play. Better to have free rooms where you don’t have to pay resort fees but still get to enjoy all the casino perks like pool, gym, etc

  3. Not all casinos are the same in comps especially here in Michigan. Free rooms I been playing at MGM DETROIT and played for years and never got a free room Motorcity casino charges over 125.00 for a room it used to be free.but since the pandemic everything has changed

  4. Rivers in Schenectady NY is cheap AF!! Been playing there for 5 years and spending a lot. Never once got free anything! Asked many fellow poker players and some have the same issue. Cheap bastards!

  5. Hi,
    I have casino hosts in the downtown vegas area. I have an upcoming trip planned for st Patty's day weekend. I contacted 4 casinos that I play at. Two of the casinos offered to comp the 5 nights. Two didn't. It's a little bittersweet, but I'll still patronize all of them. But when I play at the ones I didn't get offers. It'd going to be oh so sweet 😋 if I take there money.. here I come

  6. I wish you guys would update your videos. Most of this information is from the late 20th century/very early 21st century. A lot of this info doesn't apply to the anything from the past 10 years.

  7. You're joking aren't you? How many Casino's are still sending out offers in the mail. Dingo is always using his smart phone to cash in on comps, not once has he shown a voucher he received in the mail. Mail is time consuming and expensive.

  8. Comps are for the whales now. You have to remember that as the economy tanks and your currency continues to be devalued, it moves the goalposts for what constitutes a “whale”. Anyone who doesn’t have a player bank with a minimum of six figures sitting in it at all times at a Vegas casino is getting the same garbage comps as the gray haired grannies who gamble away their retirement 8 hours per day playing micro stakes on slots. If you want the real comps, the casino has to know that your typical session involves swings AT LEAST in the five figures…. however seeing how little the USD is worth now and considering we are talking about Vegas as opposed to local tribal joints, your typical session swings probably need to be closer to the six figure mark MINIMUM to be considered a “whale” anymore. So basically, if you were a “high roller” compared to 90% of the rest of casino patrons even 10-15 years ago and you were consistently putting tens of thousands at risk per session, even those players aren’t getting much as far as comps anymore. Vegas casinos strictly target whales now for any REAL comps. Vegas casinos will do absolutely anything now to get whales coming in. They even offer some of the biggest whales six figure amounts of free play (knowing they are likely to lose it in about an hour give or take and then drop another six figures of their own money shortly after). They also are willing to negotiate the terms of whale stakes table game rules for professional gamblers who feel they have a system where a few rule twerks will give them the edge to turn a nice profit. If you aren’t a whale now, you are absolutely nameless and faceless in the eyes of casinos.

  9. Here's a question I've always had about comps, more specifically slot free play offers.

    I've heard that as far as weekly offers based on prior play, at some casinos, part of the calculation that's done on how much to offer a player is based on their distance from a casino – that is to say, if you had two players with the same amount of coin-in, and one lived 10 minutes away, and the other was coming from another state, the player living 10 minutes away might see $25 weekly free slot play, whereas the one who's traveling across state lines might see $100 on that same amount of play.

    If this is true (legality being set aside) would it not make sense for two people who both live near and frequent their local casino to swap player's cards?

    For example…John lives in Pennsylvania, and plays at the Meadows Casino, as they live five minutes away. Alice lives in Florida, and is a stone's throw from the Hard Rock. John signs up for a player's card at the Hard Rock, and gives it to Alice. Alice signs up for a player's card at the Meadows, and gets it into John's hands. Each of them play as normal, but with the player's card of the person who lives in the other state. In this case, both casinos think they have someone coming back over and over from another state to play, whereas really it's just someone who's a few minutes away – would their system not massively increase the slot play offers as an enticement? If Alice and John both communicate with one another what the offers are and when they apply, would they not make out better representing themselves as each other? (Excluding things like free room offers or anything in which ID would be required to activate, as opposed to just entering a PIN on the machine)

  10. Truer words have never been spoken about playing just for comps. My buddy and I were playing at Main Street casino about 6 years ago in downtown Vegas. We usually play there because $100 can stretch for a few hours of playing time. This day we were getting killed. My buddy lost $600 & I lost $200 in less than an hour. He asked the Pit Boss about any kind of comps & they just gave us two $13.00 voucher to the buffet. We still had to shill out $1.25 of our own money to cover the all you can drink champagne that’s suppose to come with brunch.

  11. I remember real comps flowing like wine when I started going to Vegas in the early 90's.
    Now, not so much and the BS resort fees along with charging for valet has killed most trips to Vegas for me.
    If I do go it's with Airbnb at The Palms and Uber.
    Wayne Newton's back.
    Get your tickets early.

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