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How to Win at Roulette 93% of the Time (Martingale Strategy Explained)

👋🏻 Hey guys! In today’s video, I explain how to win at Roulette 93% of the time using the Martingale strategy. Roulette is one of the easiest casino games to play and understand. We will go over the Martingale strategy to win at roulette and I will explain mathematically whether it is recommended or not. This is for European Roulette but will also work for American Roulette although with slightly worse odds. Hope you guys can find it insightful but be careful about betting any money.

I wanted to make this video because I really think its important for people to understand how the maths works behind betting – it is not a game of luck but rather a game with a quantifiable edge for the casino or house with an element of variance. Of course when you start off with mathematical betting, there will be a bit of a steep learning curve. The same mathematical principles can be applied to sports betting where I have a 5 part course to teach you the strategies I use when betting with Australian bookmakers.

🏆 🏆 For those who do want to learn the trade and make money betting yourselves (like a pro trader), then you can check out my live sports betting course over on my website at (which is currently discounted heavily!):

If you enjoy this video and want to see more about sports betting, finance or university life, please leave a comment down below saying what you would like to see next and any new video ideas are always appreciated!

🙋🏻‍♂️ Who am I?
My name is Shane and I am an Australian final year student studying Engineering and Commerce at The University of Sydney and I completed the HSC in 2017 with an ATAR of 99.90. This channel is dedicated to sports betting, money and academics. I hope you can find this useful! Enjoy!

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50 thoughts on “How to Win at Roulette 93% of the Time (Martingale Strategy Explained)”

  1. In inclusive of 4 try . I lose the 6%. Meaning I lose 4 rounds. This method is quite efficient because the more you set your number of trials is the more you likely to winback your profit.
    Ex. Losing in Bet 10,20,40,80 for 4 rounds is more likely to occur than Losing in Bet 10,20,40,80,160 for 5 rounds.
    Saddest part is when you keep on losing those set of bets, there is a crazy down track of your money.
    Quite good strategy thou

  2. If anyone is a card counting this would be a good strategy to incorporate on a game the casinos know isn't an advantage players edge game, using this strategy to minimize losses taking heat off of you and potentially getting reward points as well for amount wagered even tho the losses are theoretically contained over the long term. just an idea tho

  3. this doesnt work , ive done this a bunch of times even before i saw this video and who the heck goes to the casino for a ten dollar , there is a lot more math to roullete than what he is saying

  4. I also experimented in the past with a modified Martingale. Instead of doubling the next bet after a loss, I would add one or two dollars, then the next bet I would add again. This helps in the long run to gain extra on the wins before you end up getting too many losses in a row to ruin the strategy. I'd be curious to know how that might change the odds. Not the odds of winning; but the odds of increasing your cash. So let's say you play 100 hands with the exact same number of wins and losses in the same order. With one you play a straight Martingale, and with the other you add $2 to every bet, with your first bet always at $10. So instead of 10-20-40-80 you would bet 10-22-46-94. In the modified version, if you win the second bet you win $12, then $14, and last bet $16 rather than only $10. You're still risking more, so maybe it would be the same? I don't know. But in my experience, the best way to play any Martingale strategy is to know when to quit.

  5. I actually ended up with this strategy myself without knowing this theory existed. I started out with this approach but ended up with a modified approach and have been testing it for a week now – so far up by $4K+ 🙂

    I didn't calculate the EV until I saw this and confirmed that my EV is positive =)

  6. you are wrong, the red or black can hit 20 times or more, regardless of how you bet you will always break even in long term minus the casino edge. you are very uninformed, putting people in a danger of Losing.

  7. Roullete
    Hi friends roullete is risky game dont base on any Numbers i have good strategy in evolution GONZO TRESURE HUNT game.. Merge with me to get your loss new ones dont play roullete 👍👍reply who are in big loss. 👍

  8. each round is a discrete probability, which means your next round's odds does not depend on the previous one. Getting a red previously doesn't increase your chance of getting a black. So it all depends on how much money is your comfort level of betting. If you bet long enough, eventually the win rate will become close to that 48% ish. But someone could lose 7 times in a row and scared of keep doubling the bet and decided to call it a day. this becomes a loss. It's only close 100% win if you are bill gates type of rich with a minimum initial bet.

  9. Q: if we consider the wheel as a random generator. what are the odds that two wheels produce the same sequence of seven events? could we look at the next wheel and bet the opposite colour sequence? would that give us an edge?

  10. As a daily roullete player i can tell you martingale its the worst strategy ever. I used to pay 2 dozin or 2 column which is 66% winrate and when i lose i used to triple my bed, every 2-3 hours there was a 10 more lose streak. There is no way to beat this shit magnet, i used to play 35 numbers out of 37 and i played 3 spins like that and lost all 3 spins, i didnt had coins on 26, and 18, what do you think? the next 3 rounds it came 26,26,18 . This roullete its just a scam. You can play anything, anytime it will go exactly on the number you didn't bet

  11. Got a question guys, payout for numbers is the same for colors ? For example,if I bet 10$ on number 7 and I hit that number the amount for that number is the same if I bet same 10$ on a color?

  12. You also forget to factor in the wheel trend. It tilts the odds in any given senario. If it is %48 red, %48 black. Never bet black or red. If its skewed %53 black %42 percent red. Yes bet black and use a better progression. You have the edge over the casino at that point

  13. The short answer is you do not depend on martingale. It will kill in the long term every time. 2 up 1 down, bankroll management and opposite streak management will let you live and profit every time

  14. This is just one more martingale strategy liar…..A martingale with a negative progression will get your bankroll killed in the end every time…..And he claims that the house edge on roulette is very low…..That’s another lie… has almost the highest vig of any casino table games …..

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