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I Booked the Cheapest Room at Golden Nugget in Downtown Las Vegas…

Today we are staying at Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino in Downtown Las Vegas! Come along as we explore the casino, pool, restaurants and more!

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39 thoughts on “I Booked the Cheapest Room at Golden Nugget in Downtown Las Vegas…”

  1. Hi Rudy, great review of the Golden Nugget! You always do such a wonderful job on your assessments of the properties and the food. We stayed at The D this past week and viewed your review of that property prior to booking. It was so fun to bump into you and Mr Ruby outside of the Golden Nugget on a cold and a bit blustery night in Las Vegas. Hope the weather warms up soon so that you can enjoy pool season! 💜🎰

  2. Well yea, "any" traveler isn't going to get the Ruby treatment. Most don't get an upgrade. You could've turned down the upgrade and nailed the real experience.

  3. Hi Ruby I have stayed in the Carson tower before and it was really nice! Only problem it’s a very long walk to the casino. I would stay there again especially because of the low price 😊

  4. Last time we tried to get in to Troys, they wouldn’t allow us access due to my fiancé having a tattoo of Roman numerals (his son’s birthday) behind his ear. They don’t allow face/neck tattoos apparently as it could be gang affiliated. We were not happy!

  5. Blackjack at the golden nugget not only sucks cause it's 6/5 but also cause most tables use the card shuffling machine. If you want to play where they actually use a shoe and the dealer has to shuffle the cards manually, you'll have to play at the high roller table.

  6. I haven't stayed there but played a lot of poker there I agree with you on everything. The drink service in the poker room will almost get you over served if you wanted. It's one of the few places with 5.00 tables anymore but because of that it is so packed.

  7. Love The Silver Stamp sweatshirt!
    Claim Jumper is a chain and hit or miss(usually miss).
    I wouldn't pay strip prices to eat there and it's hard to find great biscuits and gravy anyway!
    Saltgrass is on my list of places to try now!

  8. The GN can charge more than most places because it's a ritzier property. 4* as opposed to typical 2.5-3* of most downtown places. I've only stayed in Carson Tower, which is good enough, but hear there is a huge difference between there and the Rush Tower.

  9. After hearing Rush Tower is super noise, i couldn't picture my self staying in that tower. have only ever stayed in the Gold Tower. I wouldn't recommend the Carson Tower. Many of my friends said it looks old, and you can hear freemont experience.

  10. Thank you you always do a good job , And now another location I more than likely will not stay at , Although you did not mention I did call them and it cost money to park , So you got parking fees resort fees early check in fees , What a joke , Pretty much any place that has a casino attached has tons of EXTORTION, thank you

  11. Stayed there in 2015. A week after the Mayweather x Pacquio fight. My room didn’t look as nice as yours but it wasn’t a bad place overall. The pools were great. Bars and food ok. Idk if I’d stay there again. I’d rather do the main strip or CIRCA

  12. Ruby, I did, and I ran into you and Mr. Ruby in the casino on Monday. I enjoy the GN and always stay there. I have stayed in a couple other properties, and I always come back to the GN. It was an absolute pleasure talking to you and Mr. Ruby that morning. Anyway, if you come back to Wisconsin sometime give me a shout.

  13. I ate at Vic and Anthony's two trips ago. And it was the worst steak house I've had in Vegas. Very disappointing after all the times it had been recommended to me.

  14. I've never been to the Golden Nugget in Vegas, but since I live in NJ, and about 60 miles from Atlantic City, I've been to the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City hundreds of times.

    It was funny to see the casino has the same carpeting, lights, marble, and most of the same decor as the one in Altantic City. But for some reason, the one in Vegas looks nicer. The casino at the Atlantic City GN is small.

    The basic rooms in Atlantic City have the same leather (well I really think it's vinyl) couch. The bathrooms in the standard rooms are tiny, But the room decor is basically the same color, furniture, etc.

    The GN in Altantic CIty draws an older crowd. It's actually one of the smaller properties, if not the smallest. Many people think the decor is very dated, even though it only about 15 years old as the GN was originally the Trump Marina, When Tillman Frittia brought the property, he renovated it top to bottom.

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