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Joe Rogan: Neil On How Casinos NEEDS Stupid People!!! Gambling & Basic Statistics

WATCH TO THE END!!! In this video Joe Rogan and Neil deGrasse Tyson on how casinos have build an whole industry around not so smart people that have no sense og basic stastitics and backs op his claims. And more!

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist, director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History, and host of “StarTalk Radio.” His newest book, “Starry Messenger: Cosmic Perspectives on Civilization,” is available now.

Joe Rogan Experience # 1904

Joe Rogan

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Jamie Vernon

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34 thoughts on “Joe Rogan: Neil On How Casinos NEEDS Stupid People!!! Gambling & Basic Statistics”

  1. Neil is quite the blowhard, who hates to be challenged on his propaganda and BS.

    And smart people lose regularly at the casino too, as they cannot overcome the house edge.

  2. If You Have Infinite Money, The Martingale Strategy Is Statistically Always Gonna Win. If You Want To Make 1X . Start With A .01X Bet. But Thats Obvious, Thats Why Tables Have Min And Max Bets. Where You Have To Start .10X And Cant Bet Over 1.0X, Narrowing Your Odds Of A "Winning Streak" In Roullete, Betting Dozens Rewards With 2:1 Instead Of 1:1 So Technically You Can Martingale Your Bet Every Other Spin and still Be In Profit…. 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024,2048,4096. You Need 4000 Dollars To Have 12 Safety Nets To Make 1 Dollar,8000 for 13, 16000 for 14, etc .. Not Very Smart Or Time Efficient But In Theory. If You Could Win, You Can Lose, That Being Said, Appreciate When Ur A Penny Up And LEAVE!!!!🤣Winning is Winning -Toretto

  3. bruhhhh school isnt " life " …. there is soooo many vital things that are not taught in school. in school they do not teach you how to get proper documents to vote. in school you are not taught how to cook. if i keep going we will get to apoint where the question is: what has to be taught at home, what in school, and what on the streets?

  4. I taught 7th grade math 5 year ago. The year was entirely spent on probability.

    Neil is so full of himself and bs….. feeling trump statistics in times of heightened anxiety.

    And his hot hand thing is total bs. The man does not understand nearly a much as he claims.

  5. You can win if u know how to put chances on your side thats either by smart money managment,frequency of visitin casinos,followin win streaks and leave early the house when u start losin..most gamblers are emotional and cant accept the loss..

  6. Hey, high school teacher here: There are multiple levels of statistics that are taught in public education, for example AP Statistics is one of the most popular classes chosen by students. But more importantly, every math teacher I ever met makes it a point in thier class that things like the Lottery are for suckers..

  7. Okay so NDT whole premis is wrong. While there are some dedicated gamblers. Las Vegas makes the most of their money off tourist. They come, they gamble, they lose. But there are millions more of them than gambling addicts. Most tourists don't care about statistics. Because they view losing as part of the 'cost' of participating. If they break even, or lose a little. They consider themselves 'ahead' of the game. They don't go to Las Vegas to make money. Same with the lottery. EVERYONE knows that you have a better chance at getting hit by lightning. But they play anyway. Because, 1. Somebody's got to get hit. 2. The money goes to a good cause anyway.
    You can tell that NDT has never played any sports. Otherwise he would know that 'athlets' can go on a "streak". In sports there are many undefined circumstances that can't be calculated by 'probabilities'. His labling of ALL people gambling as "uneducated" is patently wrong.

  8. Our state offers Probability and Statistics as an elective class in high school, though they touch on the subject occasionally in regular math courses. It has been that way before the state even had a lottery. So, it's not a conspiracy of the lottery commission it is not a required course. I think it should be required, either way, the same way finance courses should be mandated at some point in high school, and investing.

  9. "Neil never let's Joe talk he's so arrogant!"

    Joe has talked on every single one of his nearly 2000 episodes. Neil is the guest, him talking is literally the entire point of the episode. If Joe had Neil on and instead he talked the whole time, people would be complaining that he didn't let the guest talk.

  10. That's the difference between probability & possibility gamblers…possibility gamblers will bet high odds relying on luck to win…probability gamblers will use low odd stakes to grind out winning…case in point with roulette; you can put your money on a number or you can bet low odd with black & red, odd & even, or 1st 2nd or 3rd sections

  11. For people who are going to casinos, the casino is able to predetermine the percentage that the slots pay out. It is usually between 80% and 90% (put in $10,000 the machine spits put 8 or 9 thousand) but it is very hard to tell what the percentage is while you are playing and the jackpots contribute to the amount paid.

  12. Funny thing about Neil is he really struggles with anything that isn’t Astro physics and can’t accept that reality. He is very good at simplifying certain aspects of physics but should be told his limitations as he can not realize them on his own, Dunning-Kruger effect in it’s most basic form. This is clear in Its most basic form among certain seemingly simple concepts such as reading a numerical activity study regarding a recent virus and its risk to people of various ages, as well as how the risk changes given the current treatments available. The results are very interesting if you are already aware of the effects.

  13. You can tell Neil doesn't know anything about basketball, he's only factoring in statistics and knows nothing about sports psychology. He needs to talk to some researchers in that field, because the 'hot hand" is very very real and has been measured

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