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Las Vegas NEW FOOD HALL | Fremont Hotel & Casino

Let’s check out the new Food Hall in Downtown Las Vegas at the Fremont Hotel & Casino! 6 new food venues that’ll tantalize your taste buds. Ready for the tour?

Fremont Hotel & Casino, 200 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101

We just dropped the NEW Rib Cap Crew design in our merch store!

Intro artwork by Andrew Denina (Instagram: drawmatic.png and dreww.jpg)

Intro jingle by Lemme Duyer Music

Have something to send us?: Bill & Lisa Food and Travel, 1820 W. Carson St. # 202-161, Torrance, CA 90501

Check out our Instagram & Snapchat for more pics from our adventures! lewhoo220 and tacobill35.
Also check out our Facebook page under Bill & Lisa’s Travel Page for a preview on where we are before the vlog comes out.
And finally, our TikTok channel, @bill_lisa_food_travel

36 thoughts on “Las Vegas NEW FOOD HALL | Fremont Hotel & Casino”

  1. Steak and Shake has always been classified as "fast food" but it's prepared to order so it takes a little longer. Quality wise SnS outweighs McD. They also use real ice cream for their shakes. All of our Steak and Shakes shut down in Ohio/Indiana and are very slowly reopening as franchise locations. The chili is different than other "chili" places but it's the only canned chili I will buy at the grocery. Food court looks like a win. 😋

  2. Forget the Food Court and head over to the Lanai Express in the same hotel for a couple of their 99¢ Shrimp Cocktails and a soda. Much tastier, healthier and cheaper than the food hall offerings. Old School Las Vegas revived👍

  3. Thanks for a great review of the new Food Court at the Fremont Hotel. We were there in Vegas in Oct. 2022 but it was still closed. I wonder if they accept those Hawaiian Package Meal Coupons that gets promoted by Vacations Hawaii??? Let me know if you heard anything okay?
    Thanks again for doing a Vegas run through and I will be waiting for future sessions too. Aloha!!!

  4. Great vid, Bill & Lisa.
    I'd like to try some of that Roti Roll pork with the ramen. Love those crispy bits. You two always make me hungry…so I snack while I watch your videos…haha 😋👍👍

  5. Mahalo Bill & Lisa, that was an excellent review of the Fremont Hotel Food Hall. I can't wait to get there sometime this year to try out your food reviews, especially that French Toast, Shake and Sandw. Thank you again.

  6. Just found your channel and I have fallen in LuV with you guys. We will be there Mid-April our make up trip from what was supposed to happen in April 2020 you know that didnt happen . Stay Blessed

  7. I just googled what the difference is between a 'food hall' and a 'food court'. There are many subtle differences but the main idea is that the food hall is more about culinary experiences and concepts whereas the food court is basically your local mall fast food franchises.

  8. Aloha Bill and Lisa: This was a great review of the food court of the Fremont Hotel and Casino. I will miss the buffet of the Fremont Hotel and its offering of Hawaiian-inspired dishes! 😀. However, the ramen dishes looked great! Hope they still offerer the shrimp cocktail to entice the patrons of the establishment. Looking forward to a visit to downtown Vegas again. Keep-up the great vlogging and looking forward to another grand review! Much 🧧 and 🤙!

  9. Another great video!! Nice to see all options there. I think I remember it was called videopolis which had a movie theater we used to go to many years ago. We will be in vegas in May to visit my cousins from hawaii and have to try the chicken strips and Texas toast which looked better than raising canes. Your videos are the best part of my day 💕

  10. I just missed you guys! I was there a couple days after you and had the Toma ramen and it was delicious! Great review of the other options there.

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