Las Vegas Top 5 Best and Worse Casinos and Hotels in my honest and humble opinion

In today’s slot machine video, we’re trying to hit a big slot machine bonus. We love spinning the machines and testing our luck. Stay tuned in to our slot play to see if we hit a big bonus and win a huge jackpot on one of the many slot machines in Las Vegas. THIS LIST IS NOW OUTDATED AND MY OPINIONS HAVE CHANGED. The Cosmopolitan is no longer on my best list. I will have an updated version of this in the near future. Here are a list of items we’ve used in the video. Some links have been updated to reflect the latest versions.

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28 thoughts on “Las Vegas Top 5 Best and Worse Casinos and Hotels in my honest and humble opinion”

  1. NYNY has really nice rooms, never had a bad room. I had one of the park ave room and the one time had a huge bathroom and strip view. Rooms have always been clean and modern.

  2. Don’t eat the prime rib at El Cortez. Went straight through me and my girlfriend. Also Flamingo employees trying to sell you shit is so annoying which is why despite its history I stay out of it

  3. Thanks for the list, will be their soon! Probably will do the Kelly Clarkson concert on friday! Great description of the D, Ha Ha. Funny I hit at the airport on the way home! Funny description on El Cortez, funny.

  4. For what it's worth, I have lived in Las Vegas for over 28 years. I have played and stayed at just about every casino downtown and on the strip over that time period. I'm not a "professional" gambler per se, as I have a full time job, however I LOVE to play black jack, shoot craps, and play video poker. I've won & lost a lot of money but I've never lost that rush of gambling since day 1. So, with that said, let me give you my 2 cents of the best casinos in Las Vegas for a real player (not some tourist who pops $20 in a slot machine and walks away in 10 minutes and says they gambled in Vegas). Keep in mind, a "good casino" perspective changes over the course of time. Some casinos are hot for a few years, then die off. For example, in 1993 I had one of my best craps runs ever and the staff and clientele was cool as hell at Circus Circus. However, I wouldn't be caught dead there today. I won't waste a bunch of space on my reasons, but they are valid.
    STRIP BEST BLACKJACK: #1: MGM Grand. (best rules in the world for BJ) #2: Bellagio. #3: The Cromwell. #4: Mirage. #5: Mandalay Bay
    DOWNTOWN BEST BLACKJACK: #1: Golden Nugget. #2: Golden Gate. #3: Binion's. #4: Fremont
    BEST VIDEO POKER in VEGAS: DO NOT PLAY VIDEO POKER ON THE STRIP. MACHINES ARE TIGHT AS DRUMS. #1: Palace Casino, #2: Red Rock. #3: South Point, #4: Orleans, #5: Santa Fe

  5. Funny I was just thinking of something to say Cosmo is not as clean as you think there's a reason why you can get a hooker almost any time of day there

  6. Hey just came across your channel, my wife and I are going in September, our 25th anniversary, renew vows, was thinking Luxor because of the Jacuzzi Suite. I’m curious why you were split on the Luxor. Any advice? What’s your thoughts?

  7. Great videos!! I went to the MGM and yeah i peeped what was goin real quick alot of people soliciting shit was ghetto as hell . I stayed at the New york New york grear atmosphere. I thought the excalibur was great too

  8. Just came home from Vegas. Stayed at Flamingo and LOVED IT. Rooms have been renovated and are beautiful and bright. Clean. A great shower. I am returning in September @ Flamingo.

  9. I was only at the MGM Grand once – about 10 years ago. Didn't like it at all. WAY too big. We got lost and as you know – it takes a lot of walking to find what you want to find. Didn't like the vibe at all. I was at the OLD MGM in the 80s (before the fire), I went with my parents and that place was cool. At the time, it had the word's largest casino – size of a football field. It was cool for a 16 yr old to see. One casino that I think has a GREAT vibe (NEVER STAY THERE – beds are soft and lumpy – got comp'd and FREE wasn't worth it) is the Golden Gate. Old School all the way – vibe is great. Another decent place is Main Street Station.

  10. I've worked at the Mirage for 21 years. It's home and I love it. Thank you for making us #4. 🙂 It was built by Steve Wynn. We were the first mega resort on the strip.

  11. Great video. I just got back from Vegas for the first time since 2006, and I hadn't been in any casinos since then. The thing I noticed was how much flashier, bigger, and more themed the slot machines are now. In 2006, most of the machines were the mutiple paylines type and had themes, but they weren't very impressive and just regular-size machines. Now there are lots of celebrity machines like Ellen, Britney Spears, Cher, Elvis, Elvira, etc. where the screen is like 8 feet tall. Even Betty White has a machine, lol. Some "movie" machines with scenes from the movie like Titanic. Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy had cool machines. Seemed like every casino on the Strip had an Ellen machine. Buffalo Stampede looked like a cool machine. They're like (expensive) video games for adults now, haha.

  12. I don't gamble much, but I read the Plaza downtown had good pay on the video poker, I put a $20 in the machine (I think I bet $1 per play), played perfect strategy, but that $20 was gone in about 5 minutes, lol. Maybe I was just unlucky?

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