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33 thoughts on “Luxor Las Vegas Strip Budget Hotel Dated Haunted Egyptian Themed Inexpensive Affordable Old Pyramid”

  1. Every person who is triggered over her opinion that the theming is “culturally insensitive” are the real crybabies. Y’all complaining of “wokism” and telling her to keep her opinion to herself because you didn’t like it, is the definition of a snowflake. Nobody is saying you need to agree, the narrator made one comment in passing and yet y’all crying 😂

    She never said she was speaking for everyone, clearly that was just her opinion. I like the theming, but I’m not immediately enraged because someone else found it problematic. Get over yourselves, bunch of whiners.

    “Omg a video giving me free information said a word I DON’T LIKE!!!” – everyone in the comments. Pathetic!

  2. Yes, the place is old and dated, but if all you really want is a place to rest your head, then Luxor is fine for most people.
    To me, the biggest drawback is that there is no easy access to go anywhere that is not Excalibur or Mandalay Bay. You can either walk the rat maze through Excalibur while avoiding all of the pushy sales people there or wait for the tram to take you to the Four Corners. Each can take you 10-15 minutes. Or stay at a better location and you'll be on the Strip as soon a you walk outside.

  3. I stayed at Luxor once for work. It was nice because it connected to the conference center…but the whole place smells like air freshener and it took forever to walk to my room. The angled glass ceilings are cool and the room was clean but I wouldn’t stay there again.

  4. It’s “culturally insensitive“ to a culture that died out thousands of years ago. Modern Egyptian culture is not the same as Ancient Egyptian culture. So many different empires have invaded Egypt since the time of the pyramids: the Nubians, the Greeks, the Romans, multiple Arab caliphates, the Ottomans, the French, the British… saying that the Luxor is culturally insensitive to Egyptians is like saying Caesar’s Palace is culturally insensitive to Italians.

  5. I’ll agree that it is dated and SMOKEY!! One of the worst. I want to know why casinos don’t put in better air filtration? That’s why hate going to casinos just for that reason!! Thanks for the tour!!

  6. Yeah this was very judgemental on the Luxor, yeah its dated, but the place still just hits for that low key cheap trip to Vegas. That Spanish restaurant she didn't show also hits. Also you can walk to other properties very easy and the Temple bar can be a fun fun time. For what it costs, the Luxor one of the better deals in Vegas!

  7. OK Here it goes……..
    I went to Luxor on the week it first opened. I went to the restroom which had hieroglyphics instead of men and women signs. Walked into the restroom and sat in a stall. Someone came into The stall next to me wearing pink slacks and pumps. I thought to myself.."Pretty feminine but it's Vegas so whatever." Suddenly I heard two women talking by the sinks and then it hit me right between the eyes. " I don't remember any urinals when I walked in. I'm trapped here in the women's rest room." I sat there waiting for no noise and a chance to escape. When the opportunity arose, I made a run 🏃 for it and exited as fast as I could. When I walked out a lady 💃 was walking in, stopped and looked up at the sign. Grabbed my wife from the slots and high tailed it outta there. Haven't been back since. Talk about negligent gambling……

  8. Babe, get off the culturally insensitive theming bs.

    Am from England and the castle theme hotel and medieval court show are flipping fabulous

    It's a theme. It's fun. It's Las Vegas.

    Cool the jets on this cultural appropriation bandwagon and just have the view of appreciation

    I enjoy your videos and plan to come next year. Especially using the down town Vegas guide you have shown.

    It's sad to see you say things like this when you should really keep your personal opinion to yourself and just state the place in a neutral manner, unless it's proper dodgy or something.

    I hope you take this constructive critical view to push toward a more professional manner that's all.

    No personal criticism of you here. Just professional.

    You seem a nice person

    Just watch the language when doing this type of review.

    The Luxor seem an incredible feat of engineering and was built to showcase another world.

    It all leads to money but don't get bothered by it. My Egyptian friend finds it fun and funky.

    I hope the day goes well.

    All the best

  9. I thought she was being sarcastic about the insensitive theming comment. It sounds like she be in the pyramid more often than not. Plus, why advertise an establishment if you find it culturally inappropriate? She just yapping y’all

  10. I stayed there my last trip. Comped, with resort fees, plus I had 50 in free play, and $100 resort credit. The room locked, the beds were comfortable and the shower worked. That's all I need

  11. Culturally insensitive? You are being too sensitive Oh so you probably wear 3 commie compliance masks and got the clot shot and cheer for more war in Ukraine. Congrats your a democrat.

  12. Been. I liked the room, bodies exhibit, titanic exhibit, food was okay, room was inexpensive but watch out for that resort fee. I still want to stay at that place you talk about having a herd of ferile cats, the Rio, to see Penns and Tellers and cats 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈. Also Cosmo because it i like balconies.

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