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NEW 2023 Las Vegas Things To Do | Roof Top Bar, Aria Food Hall, Attractions, Flight Club, & Casinos

NEW 2023 Las Vegas Things-To-Do | Roof Top Bar BrewDog, Aria Food Hall, a few new attractions, Flight Club & More

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31 thoughts on “NEW 2023 Las Vegas Things To Do | Roof Top Bar, Aria Food Hall, Attractions, Flight Club, & Casinos”

  1. Thanks so much for showing things in Vegas I have not seen before such a beautiful tour of Vegas through your eyes and I’m glad you and Eddie had such a wonderful time now with that peace ☮️ love ❤️ and happiness to Dani and Eddie and I’ll see you on the next awesome Vegas video peace ☮️ out ✌️

  2. BrewDog looked like a great place to visit at night rooftop, gotta see those Vegas lights! The carousel bar area was cool. Nice Vlog as always Dani you guys take care & stay safe.. ✌️👍

  3. Thanks for the updates! Breweries are all the rage here in Connecticut. I can't wait to check out BrewDog! Do you remember the ESPN Zone when NY,NY first opened? That was a cool arcade.

  4. The rooftop restaurant looks awesome , the eatery at the aria also gotta go some day , gonna use your judgment of a slice of pizza " Greasy but not dripping " Make sense to me , Great job guys take care out there

  5. Great video, Horseshoe looks very interesting.. Have stayed there many time when Bally's.. Universal Studios is also building a new Amusement park here in the DFW area.. Sounds like company making big growth moves.. Good to see (or hear Eddie) lol.. When in town next that rooftop will be a destination of mine.. 👍Well done…..

  6. Thanks for bringing us this report. I love Vegas. So wish I was there right now. Hoping to retire in Henderson. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Lake Mead to fill back up.

  7. Hey Dani! So cool to see you again. Thanks for showing us the new stuff on the Strip. I'm kinda surprised you didn't touch on the Sphere that supposed to finished and open later this year (think its this year anyways). That brewpub looks like a nice, chill hangout spot… and I can always get behind an arcade – so looking forward to what the Horseshoe's got in store. 'Til next time!

  8. This is Craig Dennis how are the crowds been this moth and how is the weather been this moth i watch your new videos all the time you have a nice safe day today👍👍👍👍👍

  9. Great content as always Dani, looks like fun and great entertainment. I'm excited for universal to expand there properties. They are also gonna expand here in Texas I believe in Frisco.

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