PARK MGM vs PARIS: Best MEGA-BOUTIQUE Hotel in Las Vegas

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Paris and Park MGM are two of the most unique hotels on the Las Vegas Strip – that is why they are so popular and people adore them. Formerly the Monte Carlo and best known for its non-smoking casino, Park MGM is the newer and trendier MGM Grand. The Paris Hotel in Las Vegas is an experience unlike anything else in Sin City – it is a quieter and cooler version of the greatest hotel in Las Vegas, Caesars Palace. Plus, Paris is right across from the iconic Bellagio, so it has the very best location on the strip.

In this video, I compare Park MGM and Paris in the following categories and tell you which one you need to stay at for your next amazing Las Vegas adventure.
– Location
– Rooms
– Bars / Lounges
– Restaurants
– Pools
– Casino
– Theme / Experience
– Attractions
– Price

Park MGM Las Vegas
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Park MGM Las Vegas
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Paris Las Vegas
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Paris Las Vegas
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31 thoughts on “PARK MGM vs PARIS: Best MEGA-BOUTIQUE Hotel in Las Vegas”

  1. After your stay at Park MGM & the visit to Bavette's, do you still like it? I know you said in that video is wasn't that great. Just so many Steakhouses to chose from. Love the channel, cheers!

  2. Hey hey Sir James . I agree this was a tough one as I like both properties. I concur with your assessment and also give Paris the edge . I’m actually staying at the Paris for one night in May before moving over to the Aria Sky Suites for several days. I do have a reservation for Gordon Ramsay Steak which is always excellent. As for the horrible Paris pool …wasn’t this where the kids were yelling Marco Polo repeatedly on one of your stays lol . Great video 😎😎😎

  3. Stayed at the Cosmo recently after watching your video on it. The tub with the view and the balcony will make it hard for me to go to another hotel. Loved seeing the mountains at the end of the strip. 🤠😎

  4. I have stayed at Paris but that was over 20 years ago so I don't remember much. Juniper is one of my favorite bars in Vegas, I racked up a hefty tab there last time. 😂 Great video, I hope you make more comparison videos like this one in the future.

  5. Pretty spot on. I’m at Park tonight and love the location and the crowds aren’t bad. Dinner tonight was Brewhaus. Stacked Ruben, fries,and battle born draft for about $20. Highly recommend.

  6. Further to your point about hearing noise from adjacent rooms, I’m watching this video from my room at Park MGM and just heard my neighbour rolling down their window shade (the chain makes an unmistakable sound) – and this has happened multiple times in different rooms here. Great evaluation of both properties; keep up the good work!

  7. Wrong! 🥹 I’m kidding, your thorough, well thought out comparison/contrast makes a lot of sense. You are very fair in your observations.

    I do like both properties, but my choice is Park MGM. Actually, my real choice is to stay at a renovated NY-NY room or to stay at NoMad, and spend much of my time at Park MGM. 😁 As someone who only occasionally does fine dining, the area surrounding Park MGM offers a larger variety of dining options for me. As someone who has walked the Las Vegas Strip many times over the years, I’ve had enough of packed sidewalks, dodging strollers and pervasive cigarette/pot smoke: I prefer the open air Park area and using the tram that connects Park MGM to Aria & Bellagio. Paris is affected by the construction in the front of Horseshoe and the performer that is regularly drumming to large crowds on the sidewalk in front of Planet Hollywood. But the real benefit that gives Park MGM the win for me is the nonsmoking hotel/casino. If spending a lot of time in a casino, cleaner air and no dirty ashtrays around is a huge win.

  8. These two are kind of blah to me. Stayed at Park MGM once, thought it was a dump with its depressing decor. In that price and location, I really like Planet Hollywood. Nice rooms, huge bathrooms with tub, and a great casino vibe near the Pleasure Pit at night!

  9. Good comparison. The food is the thing though. Paris pulls away from Park MGM on that account. Neither hotel is my favorite, mostly because I’m not crazy about theme hotels generally. Priced pretty well but accommodations are average. Great video James!

  10. IDK about price ive been looking at a trip to Vegas later this year the average per night at Paris for me would be 244 a night, ParkMGM 188 for my trip thats an extra 280 thats alot of extra drinks even in Vegas. Yeah Paris location is obviously better if u want to watch the fountains from your room but ParkMGM has the tram to get to Bellagio anyway so its not like its hard to get to center strip.

  11. Think Park MGM got done dirty by not having NoMad Library or Eataly counting towards it in restaurants. Would still lose to Paris but honestly Eataly is probably one of the best pre-5pm spots on the Strip. Also worth mentioning Dolby Live for Park MGM which is a bigger draw to many vs. a fake half-size Eiffel tower. But yeah, the rooms are very ugly, so tough choice.

  12. For me NYNY to TI (west side only) is the best part of the strip. Because of this ParkMGM wins on location. Additionally it's close neighbors to ARIA and equal or possibly even easier access to Bellagio because of the tram. Paris is neighbors to nothing worth visiting unless you cross the road and talk a while to reach the west (best) side.

    Bellagio is the ultimate location with itself being a great property, and direct neighbors to Caesars and the Cosmopolitan, + ARIA/Park MGM via the tram. The Venetian and Wynn are great properties on the east side, but they are somewhat on their own for how far north they are.

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