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Rich Casino Review – One of the best online casinos out there!

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21 thoughts on “Rich Casino Review – One of the best online casinos out there!”

  1. Fake. Criminals stealing your identity. They pretend to pay you out, then cancel your account. Usual treatment every costumer gets. You will regret losing your identity to scandalous individuals. Google should be ashamed for allowing such a despicable
    site on air for abusing the online costumer service.


  3. I've been waiting 3 days for a response on the 3d security method that the card master card does not have and the support does not answer me I want to know if and only in my account that this is happening because it knows that I'm going to withdraw because there is no logic to the casino staying with a deposit method that does not work already know that the intention of the casino is not to let out more messing up and messing up already

  4. Good afternoon, Mr. Cole.

    Let's see I have the same problem.

    The support keeps finding handles so that I can not withdraw the money from

    the account as we already know we are having a lawsuit against the casino,

    even if the support follows without letting me withdraw now I can not find

    where to send the documents.

    I logged into my account checking account and can not find where to send

    the documents and the support says that I have to send a print to and it does not bother me, but I'm sending you the

    print for you prove that I am correct to affirm that the casino does not

    intend to pay the players and not to lose, but time I am sending you all

    the documents so that you can verify my account to yes I believe that you

    have the authority for this.

    And I would like to know why the casino's responsible claims department

    does not dispute the means of complaint sent to the casino.

    This and everything I hope to answer and thank you.





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  5. I disagree strongly with this rich casino review. They don't pay. You will lose. Secondly you cannot make withdrawal. You will need to verify by providing drivers license or passport, as well as bank statement and pic of your credit card. It cannot be a pay as you go visa. And minimum withdrawals amount is $50. Oh and live dealer aren't available unless you deposit $100 or more. If you fall below $50 you cannot play live or many of the slots and other games. This review must be bias and I think he was paid to say all this. I would avoid this casino. This casino is not licensed by Malta Gaming Authority .


    This casino screwed me over. There terms and conditions are fucked. Have to make a total of 3 deposits before you can withdraw or they keep your money.

    On my 3rd deposit of $200 with a $400 bonus on top, i manged to wager and won $15,000 after 10 to 13 sessions over a couple weeks.

    I uped my vip status before my first withdraw but they didnt update it and manually tampered with my account and when i called them up they ignored me for a wile.

    And ignored me in the chat, finally got a hold of them and they said because withdrew it reset my vip status (bullshit). It didnt show anything about that in terms in conditions. I asked where it is. They couldnt tell me after putting me on hold for 10 minutes. Then they said they will email it to me witch never happend and then they ignored me even more.

    so i couldnt withdraw the next limit. As theres a cap of $4,000 a week at first and it goes higher when you up your vip. And then after 2 weeks of getting $8,000,

    the third week they fucked with me and put some random hold on my withdraw for a whole week. And i was getting angry and put it all back in so they are deffintly one of the biggest scammers out there.

    And get this theres more. After i lost they gave back all the vip status points i earned from my bets. Wtf that is wrong. I hope the owner of this casino suffers in unbearable pain 20 years before he dies through out the 20 years the piece of fucking shit.

    Theres still more, because i know how to wager the match bonus money easy. They manually changed the normal 35xwager requirement to 200x and couldnt withdraw .

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