Slot Machine Servers 🎰 What they can and CANT do 🛑 PLUS Live Q&A Slots 101 Show!

March 26th 2023: Slots 101 Show Episode 6 with Live Q&A! Todays opening topic: Slot machine servers. Whats the truth and what is a myth on how they work.

Slot machine servers are probably the biggest misunderstanding in todays casinos. Majority of people do not truly understand the role they play and how they work. In todays episode we are breaking it down step by step and showing you the behind the scenes on what a slot machine server actually does and also what they can not do.

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21 thoughts on “Slot Machine Servers 🎰 What they can and CANT do 🛑 PLUS Live Q&A Slots 101 Show!”

  1. My friend and I go to the casino about 2 times a week for free play, WE love watching your channel but we are having trouble finding Pinball at ANY Casino in Laughlin NV. we been favoring Golden Nugget lately for higher free play & comps but have been to Aquarius , Riverside, Harrahs and Tropicana. Can you suggest where to find Pinball or alternatives games to try your methods with? Thanks , Love you guys awsome stuff.

  2. Thank you! Happy that I found this channel. Had to move to Vegas for health issues, have family here but needless to say not real thrilled to live here but been taking your advice!! 3 hand pays in 2 weeks!! $7700!!! Unfortunately, 300 in pinball nothing!!!😎😎😎

  3. I've been trying your method of doubling up my hundred dollars on a .25 three-reel slot machine. I start getting frustrated when I don't hit anything so I pull my money and try a different machine. How long should I stay at one machine if not hitting?

  4. You mean where they punch in your ‘suckers’ reward number? There in is where the problem lies. If you think they don’t really know you, then think again. Now, with AI, the real gambling problems are going to raise their ugly heads even more. They will have refined even more the profiles, influences, and psychology of addiction with greater surgical precision. I also see one day the big class action law suits going after them. Of course, it will be the lawyers that hit the jackpot, not the losers. Some of those ‘free’ meals cost thousands of $$$$$. Rule #1, in a casino, ain’t nothing for FREE!

  5. Re tipping: Not in Iowa and Illinois. I worked at a casino last year. You are paid $9 an hour approximately and the bulk of your wage depends on tips if you are a slot attendant. I cringe everytime you say that to the public that "all slot attendands do not rely on tips", this is not true.

  6. I have noticed many times when your on a link machine and you get the hold and spin bonus, you have collected 13 orbs, the machine does what I call short spins on the last two orb spins. Its very noticeable. Why does it do that?

  7. Some casinos in Washington that does not have bingo cards on the machine does that means that this particular machine works with RNG and once i look for low 3 reels games i will have a better chance to win

  8. Wow thank you guys so much for all this great information and keeping us informed, sorry I missed the live show I had questions but I'm glad they were asked and answered! This is my favorite video from you guys so far, keep up the great work! 🎉🤩🎰👌💯🚀

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