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The 5 Best Microgaming Slots You Should Play At Casinos Right Now

Hello and welcome to our top 5 list of the best Microgaming slots. Microgaming are a staple of the slot’s world, with dozens of slots available at nearly every single mobile casino that’s around today. Microgaming have arguably gone for quantity over quality at certain points, but never the less, there’s still some diamonds in the rough, which are worth your time. So let’s take a look at the 5 best Microgaming slots and what makes them stand out among the rest.

You can find links to all the slots mentioned in the description below and the cards attached to this video.


Microgaming has made a lot of licenced slots in their time, with properties as diverse as Hitman and Bridesmaids. For the most part, they all fit the same template, with players given a 15 payline slot, complete with a free spins bonus round and some familiar characters lining the reels. Tomb Raider gave players not only a free spins bonus round, but also an additional click and collect bonus, where players could choose big cash bonuses hidden within 12 idols. It wasn’t the most experimental Microgaming has ever been, but went above our expectations, whilst respectfully handling a well loved franchise whose treasure hunting theme perfectly matched the bonus heavy gameplay.


Jungle Jim feels more like a NetEnt slot than a Microgaming slot. Simply put, Microgaming aren’t known for their high fidelity graphics, instead usually focusing on a crisp hand drawn look to all their slot games. With Jungle Jim, all that changed and Microgaming produced something that felt much grander in scale than its usual releases. Jungle Jim is an avalanche slot, allowing players the chance to score nearly endless cascading wins and unlock a free spins bonus round, where the biggest wins lie in wait. Overall, Jungle Jim is a rare step out of the ordinary for Microgaming and its quality only makes us wish they did it more often.


Immortal Romance is all about offering up choice for the player. While the slot itself only comes with a single free spins bonus round, players got the ability to strategize on the additional bonuses which came with their free spins. When you unlock a bonus round in Immortal Romance, you get the choice between 4 free spins rounds. You can choose 10 free spins, with a 5x multipler, or you can choose to earn as many as 20 free spins, with rolling reels added onto the slot. By adding a simple tweak to a standard free spins round, Microgaming managed to create a slot which gives you more control and greatly mixes up your game time.


Microgaming have a wide array of progressive jackpot slots, but none have paid out as highly as Mega Moolah, which currently holds the world record as the highest payout from an online jackpot, at £13.2 million. Mega Moolah itself is a great progressive jackpot slot, which comes with wilds, a free spins bonus round, and an exciting bonus wheel which determines how much of the progressive jackpot players will win. Combine the fact that Mega Moolah has all the standard Microgaming slot features with its history of high payouts, and there’s no way we could not recommend this slot as worth playing.


Lost Vegas is easily the most innovative slot that Microgaming have ever made. Stepping out of habits it had for many years, Lost Vegas was a breath of fresh air when it released in Halloween 2016. Effectively 2 slots in one, Lost Vegas lets players play as either zombies or humans, with each side having their own random bonuses, wild symbols and unique free spins bonus rounds. If you’re looking for a slot which gives you more choices, and diverse gameplay, then Lost Vegas is a Microgaming slot that you should not miss out on.

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