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The 5 MOST UNDERRATED Hotels and Casinos in LAS VEGAS for 2023 (Full Review)

The 5 MOST UNDERRATED Hotels and Casinos in LAS VEGAS for 2023 (Full Review)

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Timestamps of The Most Underrated Hotels and Casinos in Las Vegas
00:00 – Intro
00:44 – Vdara
04:10 – Vdara Pool
09:37 – Cruise Control in Las Vegas
12:33 – Park MGM
12:41 – The Secret Hotel Inside
16:33 – Poolside at Park MGM
17:46 – Pinball Hall of Fame
25:10 Feeling Lucky Slots
26:01 – Palace Station
27:20 – Palace Station Room Tour
31:20 – Palace Station Pool
34:10 – The Charcoal Room Steakhouse
37:33 – Plaza
38:13 New Bar The Sand Dollar at Plaza
40:50 – Homemade Beef Jerky at Plaza
41:26 – Lucky at Single 0 Roulette at Plaza
44:30 – Cheap Eats at Plaza
47:25 – Studio 71
48:38 – PALMS Las Vegas
48:57 – Kingpin Suite
51:53 – Palms Cabanas and Private Pools
54:50 – Palms Hotel & Casino Tour
55:36 – NEW Fantasty Tower at Palms
57:54 – AYCE Buffet at Palms
1:00:00 – PALMS Top Restaurants

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29 thoughts on “The 5 MOST UNDERRATED Hotels and Casinos in LAS VEGAS for 2023 (Full Review)”

  1. Wow I just seen y'all's video popped up now I'm addicted. You guys are Amazing guess what I'm going to Vegas for the first time next month. I'm still watching more of y'all's videos…..

  2. That's funny 🤣 ok we 'r out, now we have a bit of win , let's run for it.
    You two having that fun time again & show ing us how & where to go visit. So great 🥰👍💕. Love your show 😉☺️❤️🙏😅

  3. Really enjoy your show & taking us with ya truly helps know where to visit and the budget information also.
    You two are great fun 😊 & a cool 😘💘😎 married couple who rocks it in 🧬 and not be stuffy or boring 🪴. Love it 🤣😆 🌹💝😘

  4. I think Circus Circus gets a bad rap. Yea the Manor isn't so great. But the other parts of the hotel are cheap and nice. If you're like me and and don't have a lot of money to spend but still want a nice, clean comfortable room then the Circus Circus is it. It's not fancy but all the rooms I've stayed in are nice, clean and comfortable and I'm not in my room much. They aren't fancy but I don't have the money for fancy and I can do a lot of other things with my money with shows I like to go to and maybe some sight seeing. No hamburger is worth $18. I'm always out doing things on the strip so I don't care about a small room. I've been to Vegas 10 times and I've never been to a pool.

  5. Y’all are the BEST!!💖
    I love y’all vibe and different personalities that click together!!
    Oh! Great video btw!!… I’m going for my 1st time in October!!🎉🎁😁

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