The Battle for Las Vegas

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A closer look at the competition between MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment for supramecy on the Las Vegas Strip. Just two operating companies control a large part of the Casino business in the gambling capital. This video dives into the mergers, acquisitions, and high-stakes business gambles that led to today’s fascinating situation. It presents an outlook on how the real estate business in Las Vegas is changing today.

Images via Getty, AP Newsroom
Map source by MapTiler / OpenStreetMap Contributors via Geolayers 3

24 thoughts on “The Battle for Las Vegas”

  1. Don't be fooled. They aren't really competing. They all think you're dumb and you're going to come anyway. This is proven by the fact that every single Blackjack table, for every limit, at every single STRIP casino is fake 6 to 5 blackjack on the main casino floor. Strip casinos don't compete. They set tourists traps and let the donkeys come to them. Truth.

  2. Las vegas is a city that smells like poop and pretty much is a poop city. I live here. Once this place loses water and goes back down to around 1 million people max, it'll be much better but by that time I'll be gone and even now. I don't care about this place

  3. Tbh idc as long as they keep expanding in las Vegas making Las Vegas a top worldwide city and increasing the usa economy and them paying their fair share of taxes idc

  4. This story clearly shows how capital works. Small businesses and BS like that have absolutely no any chances to survive because any capital always strives to capitalization or conglomeration (to become bigger), parallelly getting rid of all smaller and weaker competitors.

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