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The BEST and CHEAPEST casinos to play craps in LAS VEGAS

Just sharing some of Vegas with y’all. If you ever visit and want to shoot dice, be sure to check out some of these places! Unless you’re a billionaire and can play $50 min on the strip right now lol. Any Vegas locals that know of some better places with lower mins let me know, I want to go check them out.

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44 thoughts on “The BEST and CHEAPEST casinos to play craps in LAS VEGAS”

  1. I like to play craps at the El Cortez and the Four Queens. I usually stay on the Strip but gamble on Freemont. The Circa is a nice casino but I didn't do well. I have played at the Orleans Casino it was alright. I have play at the Cromwell a couple of times. The Cromwell well has 100× odds. I will definitely try South Point Casino when I go back.

  2. El Cortez definitely OG 30 years ago . Modelo beer .50 cents 25 cent craps . But it was more ghetto and lots hard people around . Cafe served great food . Casinos smoking crack $15-25 min . Tables

  3. I absolutely love the Red Rock I've been to Vegas so many times and I feel better at the Red Rock that I do on the strip I don't even feel like a terrorist anymore I feel like I'm a local

  4. Hey buddy loved the video and the vibes my guy, You can shoot $5 Craps at The Downtown Grand Before 7pm most days & Usually Always $5 at Ellis Island Casino And Jerry’s Nugget Also club fortune and The Cannery Plus Sunset station 👍 unless it’s a weekend or holiday 🤘 Appreciate The Video & I Recently Did this same research as I’m as casino junkie 🤦‍♂️ Will be putting up a similar video with cheaper options and talked to majority of the pit bosses in town which at one point had the cheapest gambling in town 👏 Keep up the great work man 🤙

  5. The Plaza bro! Drink service is top notch. $10 minimums and they still use the old slate tables. They play older 80's/90's music. Great place to take friends to take over a table. My top 5 in no particular order. All have 10x odds

    -Ellis Island (best place for newbies)
    -Golden Gate (Similar to D with $10 minimums during the day)
    -El Cortez
    – Red Rock (great restaurants, bookie and slot machines)

  6. Ellis Island great little place stayed there for a few nights back in 2015 when my friend was getting married. Casino has a great vibe highly recommended

  7. Nice review. Appreciate the effort to find the cheapest table minimums, I'm with you, $15 minimum is stretching it for me. I understand the risk of gambling, but can I at least make my money stretch for a 4-day trip? What about the hardness of the tables? I like to set my dice and want to find the firmest tables available. Is that something you look for? I try to avoid tables with a lot of bounce in the underlay.

  8. Gotta love the 100x @ The Cromwell. Plus the place is clean and no smoking in the table games area. I like the El Cortez as well. FYI…Treasure Island is the absolute worst.

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