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The Five Best Casino Bets with Syndicated Gaming Writer John Grochowski • The Jackpot Gents

Steve Bourie, author of the American Casino Guide, interviewed syndicated gaming writer John Grochowski for this video where John gives his picks for the five best bets in a casino. Games covered include: blackjack, baccarat, craps and video poker.

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43 thoughts on “The Five Best Casino Bets with Syndicated Gaming Writer John Grochowski • The Jackpot Gents”

  1. I'm not a big gambler nor am I very good at math or statistics. But I have come up with a gambling strategy that to me seems to be the simplest and best, using only common sense and very little mathamatical information. I am hoping that anyone reading this and disagreeing with it would be kind enough to point out why my strategy is not the best possible strategy. So my theory is this. At a casino first decide how much money you are willing to bet or loose in your given timespan of gambling. If you're on a three day weekend to Vegas, come up with a number for the entire three days. I'd say come up with a number you are comfortable with losing. Then take that dollar total, walk into a casino and bet the entire amount on a single hand of black jack at the table that has the most players at that table. And then win or lose. Walk away and don't gamble any more for the time period decided. So if its a three day weekend in Vegas, make only one wager the entire three days. My very basic logic is this. 1. I have continually read and heard that Black Jack is the Casino game with the highest odds for the player. This video also makes that claim. 2. My very simple understanding of casinos and gambling is that the casino wants to keep a player in the casino for as long as possible. That's the reason for many of the psychological aspects of the casino floor. The sounds of buzzers, bells bright lights and random payouts act to disorient the player sense of time and space. This makes it harder to judge the passage of time and make players loose there sense of direction so it becomes more difficult to find the casino exit. So my logic was, do the opposite. And get in and out asap. That's why I think one single bet is your best bet. I don't even understand the probability or mathematics of betting. So anyone who does know, I'd ask what would be the mathematical reason why the casino would want to keep the player on the casino floor as long as possible. If a person plays 100 games of black jack, and bets only one dollar a hand. Statistical does that give the casino better odds than if a person plays just one game at the same black jack table with the odds being identical and bets 100$ on just one hand. Common sense logic would seem to point to the casino having a higher advantage the more often you play. But I'm not sure if that is actually true mathematically.

  2. #3 Is so so wrong, it's a horrible bet, don't play them unless your shooting the dice. Once you get a point, the house gains the advantage and the game will most likely end in a 7 out. For example if you bet 5 on the line and you put 10 as odds behind, and say you hit a 5 or 9, and then win. You get 15 in the back, 5 for the pass line. Yay. However if you place the 5 or nine after the point is established and win you get 21$ for your 15$ bet. Same scenario for a 10 or 4, you win 20 in the back and 5 in the front for a total of 25$, yay again, if you place the bet instead you win 27 on your 15$ bet. Six and 8 pay the exact same so no big deal. The only advantage of pass line is the very first roll of a 7 or 11 winner, and to do that, just put 1,2, or 3 $$ on the "big red" on the come out roll. Now come bets are way worse. First you waste a roll having to "come" to your number, then it has to roll again for you to win. So on a five you win the 20$ plus get your 15$ back, so 35 and no more bet to potentially win on the 3rd roll. A place bet hit twice on five so you win 21 twice, for a total of 42$ plus you still have 15$ bet on the five for the 3rd time five hits. Never come bet. It was designed to make sure you don't win.

  3. What about the card game called War? The dealer deals out one card to every player including himself. If your card is higher than the dealer then you win. What's the house edge on that game?

  4. Play poker against people.
    That’s only game you can beat in casino. That’s only game you can always have 60%-80% of winning chance when you put your money in.

  5. The Best and Fastest Way to Wreck a Local Economy: Build Casinos!

    Casinos are parasites who prey on all classes of the community. The impact of casinos on neighboring property values is clearly negative. Casino gambling is associated with mental health problems, including depression, anxiety and mood disorders.

  6. My great Grandad, Charlie, was a desperate gambler during WW2 in London – he was abusive to my grandad and his brothers when they actually saw him when he wasn't drinking or gambling. He would always promise his lovely, stoic (very Catholic – she thought she could reform him) wife, Bella at he would bring home money for new shoes or something – being a devout Catholic they parted ways, but didn't divorce – Charlie lived his miserable life until dying as a penniless dick to TB. Yes, I gamble a little – but with friends for entertainment with small amounts. Gamble for fun people – don't end up like Charlie.

  7. The best advice I ever heard so you don't lose your ass, is to leave your bank card at home, and don't take more than you can afford to donate. Lol 😂

    And then, when you do go in, be sure to have a loss limit and a win goal. If you take 100 bucks, you should leave when you hit $50, or when you hit $200. Or when you hit that $200 mark, recalculate your goals and losses. Best not to chase a losing streak.

  8. Who do you think is paying John & Steve to make this YouTube video? The gaming industry. There is no "best" casino bet. When you walk in you're a "mark". Everything you do is being watched carefully. If you start winning suddenly waitresses are coming over with free drinks. Anything to distract you. The casino is not for you but against you.

  9. a GREAT rule of thumb for all table games if the payout odds are shown anywhere on the layout or on a sign it is a BAD bet…
    if you notice the best bet of all table games (free odds) doesn't have a spot marked on the table

  10. The REAL Top 5 Casino Bets:
    1. Don’t bet against a casino
    2. Don’t bet against a casino
    3. Don’t bet against a casino
    4. Don’t bet against a casino
    5. Don’t bet against a casino

  11. if you wish to be a consistent casino winner  there is a simple trick. People walk into a casino with the mind set  " I will stop when I have lost x amount of money" and they stop when they have lost that much no matter how much they may have won in the time before. Now if you instead say " I will stop if I have ANY profit"  and you then stop playing your a winner walk away . If everyone followed that system casinos would go out of business ( not just the Trump casino).

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