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The Seedy Underbelly Of Vegas Gambling | Casino Confidential S1 EP1 | Wonder

On the series premiere of Casino Confidential – The staff at Binion’s Casino always has its hands full but this week Sin City’s hi-octane shenanigans push everything to the next level. A wild bachelor party has Binion’s on alert, while preparations for the 5th Annual Poker Classic tournament forces Jana, a sexy young blackjack dealer, to sober up and learn how to run a poker table.

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A documentary series that investigates the underbelly of Las Vegas through the eyes of staff at Binions Casino.

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44 thoughts on “The Seedy Underbelly Of Vegas Gambling | Casino Confidential S1 EP1 | Wonder”

  1. Too much contrived in this. Scripting the argument with the dancers. Making it thought dealer got one briefing the day before poker tourney. Overall trash episode.

  2. I was hoping to see something other than a very tame and long-wined advertisement for a particular casino. I wasn't particularly looking for "seedy" but this is just a standard glimpse at basic operations. This is downright boring! Save your time and skip this one.

  3. "…in a city where anything goes."

    Uh, no…not anything goes in Vegas. Just ask all the johns that get arrested for solicitation in Vegas every year!

  4. Either this was staged for the cameras or Binions has no idea how to manage people. You don't train someone new at a game for an hour & then throw them to the wolves. If it was real, then they set her up to fail.

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