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This One Move Cheated Millions From Casinos

Who are the greatest casino cheaters of all time? Find out all about them in this video!

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6 – Two Men and a Woman
Science has made leaps and bounds towards helping us understand our universe and the laws that govern them. As technology gets better and people learn more about physics, they begin to do the previously unimaginable. Sometimes, those involve cheating.

5 – The Rosselli Brothers
The Rosselli brothers are some of the slickest criminals of all time. They hatched a scam that gained them millions while keeping their identities unknown to this day. In 1995, the siblings began their scheme by finding a hacker who could acquire people’s personal information—people with perfect credit scores.

4 – Stefano Ampollini
Sometimes crimes are very mundane, while others seem like they came straight out of Hollywood. This is a scam full of codenames and inside men, with a dash of tech to top it off. In 2011, Stefano Ampollini, “Codenamed Parmesan,” hatched a plan with two casino employees in Cannes, France.

3 – Monique Laurent
Sometimes beauty can be someone’s best friend, but every once in a while, it can lead straight to their downfall. Monique Laurent would find this out the hard way after her get-rich-quick scheme fell under a man’s lustful eye.

2 – Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo
There is a question that comes up a lot when it comes to casino cheaters. While everyone agrees that you shouldn’t be allowed to cheat your way through a casino’s vault, they have a harder time agreeing if using math to win is cheating.

1 – Richard Marcus
Richard Marcus is a self-proclaimed pro-cheater and has the gambling career to back this statement up. He loved gambling ever since he was a kid and used to make bets with his parents. As he grew up, he quickly learned the pitfalls of gambling and ended up losing all his money in Las Vegas.

13 thoughts on “This One Move Cheated Millions From Casinos”

  1. There were security cameras long before the year 2000, yet no one could id the Rosseli Brothers? So they didn't have to go to a specific window or office to pick up their markers?

  2. Couldn't do #6 in Las Vegas. No cell phones on the casino floor, and the laser system would be considered using mechanical assistance to cheat which is a felony. You get 5 years minimum for that.

  3. Fuck casinos ….. they only like losers.
    The more you lose the more they like you.
    They will try to find ways to kick you out if they notice you're a winner ( even if you win in legitimate ways ).

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