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This Roulette Strategy is only for a True Gambler

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41 thoughts on “This Roulette Strategy is only for a True Gambler”

  1. Try opposite. Seems like it would work better than this. Bet 1 unit each on 2 dozens. Bet 1 unit on 1 double street not covered. When the double street finally hits put the profit on the 2 dozens keep same bet like that til it loses.

  2. I notice every video your dealer rolls the same way and chops on everything, which is highly unrealistic. Just in the last several videos, he chops dozens, odd/even, BIG, and columns each time. If he rolls 32 red, he'll roll 7 black after and then a number like 23 red afterwards. Kinda hard to get realistic data on these systems people submit with that

  3. 😆😆Alex asked…so here is the probability of "not winning" for all 12 betting levels:

    The probability of hitting the Double Street AND the 2 Dozens bet is (6/38) x (24/38), which is almost exactly 10% (9.9723%), so the probability of having to go to the next tier is about 90%.
    So the probability of not winning on all 12 tiers is about (90%)^12, which is 28.35%.

    But it's worth noting that you're not always going to lose all $800 when you fail. Because when you hit the Double Street and lose the 2 Dozens bet, you mostly just push for that betting level. This assumes that when you MISS the 2 Dozens bet, you STILL proceed to the next betting level. This is what Alex did when he hit $15 Double Street at 05:21 and then missed the 2 Dozens bet at 06:05. He went on to bet $20 on the next spin.

    Alex only had about 1.5 attempts to hit in his 13 spins. He was successful in the first attempt, but the 2nd attempt was cut short. You'd probably fail every 4 attempts or so.


    Pick one double street with the martaingale progression of 10 15 20 30 40 50 60 75 90 110 135 165

    When you get paid, bank your buy in and play the profits on two dozens outside or winning double street

    If you win the two dozen, start back at 10. If you lose, keep progressing (6:05)

  5. Tried this out on my corn and roulette stimulator and was up a bunch, even progressing to the final step twice. The problem I ran into when you got too high was I hit table limit on the dozen bets. Won $900 at the top level, could only bet $200 per dozen instead of $450. Probably saved me a bunch of money in the long run in case you miss your dozens.

  6. I think he played the first run wrong. I thought it said after a hit… you bank what you're down and split the profit on two dozen. He hit anyway which is cool but am I wrong?

  7. Add the breakdown of the system in the description! I like this one, wish this video was a little longer to see how things played out in another 3-5 spins

    I was never up on my last casino trip so I talked myself out of playing it. I will take the honor of submitting a peach system though!

    If you think this system was crazy look at the other ones I submitted to 😂😂😂

    This was lost in translation but you only play your profits on the double streets (not the entire winnings)

  9. This seems like it’s actually a good system! Would be nice if you guys started writing out the systems in the description or comment section as well…

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