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Top 10 Abandoned Casinos

Gambling is a risky game of chance with an uncertain outcome, but many of us love it! People from all over the world spend thousands of dollars annually on casino games. Trying to run a casino is very similar to gambling. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesn’t. Some casinos see great results, some don’t. Today we are going to look at ten casinos that went bankrupt and are now abandoned.

10. Penthouse Adriatic Club
Yugoslavia opened its borders in 1967. New laws allowed the existence of gambling and casinos for international visitors. However, the locals were not allowed to gamble. This led to the construction of the Penthouse Adriatic Club on the Croatian island of Krk. Penthouse Magazine founder Bob Guccione poured $45 million into the project in hopes of attracting international travelers to visit the casino. The hotel complex was opened on July 15, 1972
It didn’t take long to realize that there were money problems because the locals couldn’t gamble and the western world didn’t embrace the resort. The casino went bankrupt in early 1973. The resort was later handed over to a local company, where it would experience its last profitable year in 1990. The resort received its last visitors in 2001 and the buildings have been neglected ever since.

9. Constanta Casino
High above the shores of the Black Sea in Constanta, Romania, is the once-popular Constanta Casino. In the early 1900s it was one of the most popular casinos of its kind. Rich people from all over the world visited the casino. Unfortunately, the casino was converted into a hospital during the First World War.
The building was renovated after the war, but was bombed again during the Second World War. The casino was eventually renovated by the communist government to be used as a house of culture, but in 1960 it was handed over to the National Office of Tourism. The built only fell into disrepair quite soon afterwards.

8. Montgomery Pass Casino
The Montgomery Pass is a high mountain pass in the US state of Nevada. Located near the winding, mountainous road was a small casino that claimed to be “the highest casino in the world.” The Montgomery Pass Casino was once an entertainment oasis that fueled the small-town economy. The casino also housed a thriving visitor motel and restaurant. The casino buildings have been abandoned since the 1990s when gambling started to decline. In 2010, most of the casino burned down. The remains of the casino now look like a ghost town with empty rooms and retro slot machines.

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