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Top 10 CHEAPEST Places to Drink in Las Vegas in 2023 💰🍺

In this video, we visit the cheapest places to drink in Las Vegas. Join me as I explore the Las Vegas Strip in search of the best happy hours and drink deals the city has to offer! While on vacation, the drink tab can stack up even higher than your room costs so I hope this video allows for more savings!

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00:00 Start
00:14 Flights Las Vegas
03:45 Ocean One Las Vegas
04:11 Blondies Sports Bar
04:37 Ellis Island – Front Yard
07:18 AmeriCAN at Linq Promenade
08:09 Casino Royale Bar
08:40 Convenience Stores – CVS, Walgreens, ABC Stores
09:24 Cañonita at The Venetian
10:10 Davidoff of Geneva
11:05 Stagedoor Casino
12:09 Bonus Content – Street sellers in front of Bellagio!

Where to EAT in LAS VEGAS: 🍔🎰

– BEST Pizza in Las Vegas:
– Best Burgers in Las Vegas:
– BEST Sushi in Las Vegas:
– BEST Ramen in Las Vegas:
-Oyster Bar:
– The Cosmopolitan buffet:
– BLACKTAP at the Venetian:

Check out other THINGS TO DO in Las Vegas 🎯🎭
– BREWERY ROW in Downtown Las Vegas
– 5 New Things in Las Vegas
– AREA 15
– Stratosphere Rides :
– Snowboarding in the Desert!

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36 thoughts on “Top 10 CHEAPEST Places to Drink in Las Vegas in 2023 💰🍺”

  1. best way for free drinks is to find a stadium BJ/bacc/roulette machines and put in $10
    never play or play if u want
    order a drink
    and thats it
    endless free drinks at aria or any other place

  2. Great video thank you for also showing food options with drinks. The flight was awesome thanks for taking one for the team drinking all of them and taking one on the roads 😀

  3. Also, just so you know as i learned this over the weekend. Don't ask for a "double" whiskey and coke or to that nature. The bartenders already makes the drink a double anyways but will charge you for a double since you said it. So just order a regular "single shot" drink and you will save money that way

  4. Calm down guys he's not MAKING you buy a beer from the street vendors! I always buy beer from them! Nothing has ever happened to us, but to each their own. Great video as always 👍 🍻

  5. Don’t pay for drinks, if you gamble 😝. That would be nuts. Lol. The 2$ margarita at Fremont is a winner and the Patron margarita at El Cortez bar for 6$ is a winner too👍😻. Nice video and very informative.

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