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In today’s slot machine video, we’re trying to hit a big slot machine bonus. We love spinning the machines and testing our luck. Stay tuned in to our slot play to see if we hit a big bonus and win a huge jackpot on one of the many slot machines in Las Vegas. FACEBOOK PAGE:

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  1. Don't want to sit through a 45 minute video? Please click the timestamps below to take you right to the placements.

    #5 – 3:15
    #4 – 10:55
    #3 – 17:18
    #2 – 20:01
    #1 – 24:34

    Thank you so much for watching and if you have any tips and advice on great value hotels in Las Vegas, we would love to hear about it in the comment section below. Take care out there. 🙂

  2. We go to Vegas 20 years every Cinco de Mayo I enjoy everything that you teach on your channel I think you do a fantastic job and I wish you well pray for you and your health and your family

  3. Stayed at Mandalay Bay a few years back, loved it and had the best steak I've ever eaten there!! Just booked two weeks at the D early August next year, £1200 including return flights from the UK, cheaper than going to many European countries!!!

  4. Hello..The rates am checking online for these hotels are 3 to 5 times of what you are referring to get those deal prices ( at least a bit close) ? Please let me know

  5. Thinking about taking a chance at Westgate. Happy you said the Monorail goes there. Didn’t even know about that. At what point in your trip would you ask to get back your resort fees? Checkout?

  6. This was really great! Wasn’t sure where to stay but definitely looking at the Flamingo now. Didn’t think I was gonna watch the full video but definitely filled with a lot of information that’s helpful if you are a first time Las Vegas visitor. Thank you! So helpful!

  7. Treasure Island is nice. I stayed there on a weekend for $83 a night. My room was a view of the faux gold Trump tower… other than that.. Really good hotel. Also has a CVS inside as well to buy cheap tall can beers and other goods.

  8. I'm currently saving for a trip to Vegas. When would you say is the best time to go to secure these types of deal? When is off-season? Any costs / drawbacks for going quieter times?

  9. Spinning in Vegas: You bring up some very good prices, however you add the resort fees etc. and it really is pricey. Downtown has even better prices with great comps. For example: The golden Nugget hotel and casino soooooooooo cool,and a fun place to be. The bus is very low cost so you can be on the strip in very quick time. Great restaurants too, and don't for get Binions steak house as it has a history of vegas, and where poker started. Joseph Fallon

  10. Great video, thanks a lot. Just one question tho: why many videos call the hotels as "properties"? is there any special reason? i am not a native english speaker so that's why the confusion. 🙂

  11. My wife and I have stayed at the palms twice and booked for end of April can’t wait to see it all done! Both visits have been under construction, first time we didn’t know and they had started a week before we got there! We were bummed but they waived resort fees. Second trip was completely comped. So is the one booked in April! The have a shuttle that takes you to the forum shops for free with room key, atleast they did last March when we went

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