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UK Land based Casino Action – £5 slot bonuses on Lucky Lady and Book of Ra ( Variants ) & Roulette

Little Punt at a land based Casino. £5 slot bonuses on Luck Lady’s Wild Spell and Book of Ra Expand and some Roulette

Please note towards the end whilst on Roulette the video is muted for a couple of minutes due to a copyright Music claim.

I purely do this for fun and play with what i can afford to lose.

Video is purely for entertainment purposes

Please Please gamble responsibly and only bet what you can afford to lose. Always set a deposit limit and remember if Gambling is getting too much for you then you can self exclude from all Online sites by going to

Have fun and remember you simply can’t beat Random Slots over a sustained period of time.

Twitter: @7Neighbours

42 thoughts on “UK Land based Casino Action – £5 slot bonuses on Lucky Lady and Book of Ra ( Variants ) & Roulette”

  1. £700 up after all that 🤣 the bonuses you got were amazing I've never even had a £500 on the rigged bookie FOBT and rarely over £200 and I've had at least 250 bonuses they are a joke! 🤣 Had two wins £450 £470 and that was the lot disasterous payouts for top symbols on 50p stake compared to £1 less than double! And top symbols not paying much! Had the link the other day for £1 a go won £5 not even joking and had £0 fishing frenzy bonuses in the admiral on 15 spins hows that even possible?! And your telling me they are regulated 🤣 yet after watching this I want to go online and I have £240 in my bank and have refrained from going to the arcade even though I've been scammed there a million times also I can't get into the casino or seem to control myself when it comes to tilt 🤦🤦🤦 the last few years have been hell I'm just hoping that I can stop 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. People i read a lot of the comments about the roulette game in this casino being rigged.The reason why the ball flyes over sectors is because the game is backed by a RNG chip (random number generator) or a PRNG (Pseudo random number generator) it's all about RTP & EV return to player and expected value for the casino.The only information that the player doesn't have is how they setted the RTP & EV for example 80%goes to the house 20%is distributed to the players or 70/30 whatever.Insane 7 Neighbours how you pulled a profit on the roulette because of the swings you had in this playing session.Great video.Cheers people

  3. No way that roullete wheel is live surely? So fixed if it is. I thought it was computer rou till I seen the girl spin the ball. Wtf the magnet/bounce is terrible

  4. @11:48 clearly landed on 7 then casino realised its a jackpot number so the magnet pulled it to 35 instead 🤦‍♂️🎰 Aspers is so rigged how gambling commission monitors and inspects them tables it’s clearly fixed 🤮

  5. Nice video Ross. I was looking forward to a bit of land base casino action. I don't know what it is but Aspers Stratford is always a jinx for me, although I haven't been for over a year since the lockdown. Looking forward to getting back for a punt hopefully soon in Westcliff.

  6. Coincidence ? My birthday yesterday Ross, went to our local last night. Made a few quid too. Had a nice bonus on Wild Fury, paid £240 on £1 spins. Walked out about £140 up.

  7. Nothing worse than having someone saying your not aloud to record, especially when your a regular. I used to go to Sheerness C's Amusements most weekends for the fruits. Been going since I was little. I got a
    Gold pot 500 then 4 Leps next Press. Soon as I got my camera out, staff was on me straight away. ✊✊💦

  8. That roulette in that casino is a disgrace!!! How they get away with that I don’t know!!! I will NEVER gamble my money in that place after seeing this!! Never seen something so rigged!

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