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Vegas Casino Frontier Hotel | Building Demolition | BlowDown | S01 E02| Free Documentary

Las Vegas Casino Demolition: Blowdown is an explosive four part building demolition series profiling some of the most challenging projects of Controlled Demolition Inc of Phoenix, Maryland. Each of the structures, some notable, others notorious, is unique and present the team with challenges ranging from the structural, to the explosive and to the bureaucratic.

In this episode the team from CDI descends on Las Vegas to take
down the Frontier Hotel and Casino landmark using 5000 sticks of

A vintage Vegas structure, the Frontier was the second hotel to be
built on the strip and hosted notable performers like Elvis, the
Supremes and Seigfried and Roy. Recently purchased for 1.2 billion
dollars, the hotel is being imploded to make way for a reconstruction
of New York’s Plaza Hotel. But unlike most demolitions, in most cities,
anything that happens in Vegas is part of a larger spectacle, so not
only is the demo team contending with taking down the building, but
in working around more than 1,600 kg of fireworks and pyrotechnics
which will be used in the pre-demo show.

Despite its diminutive stature, the team expects to use in excess of
1,000 kg of dynamite, more than the team used to bring down the 32
story Stardust hotel earlier in the year. The team is challenged by a
lack of accurate blueprints and the concentration of rebar that
threatens the operation.

As they drill the holes to load the dynamite massive amounts of re-bar are found, preventing proper placement of dynamite and to add
further complication, they come across toxic asbestos within the hotel walls. So with only days to go before the implosion, CDI rethinks the demo plan and attacks the structure by pre-weakening it. Heavy-duty drills and skid-steers equipped with jack-hammers cut the support walls.
They plan an innovative technique using cables to ensure that the
building will fall in the direction they want it to. The cables are
wrapped around an end of the structure and attached to the elevator shaft inside the hotel. The plan is to pull the wall away from the neighbouring roadway and into the fall zone.

The implosion is set for 2:30 am, and the fireworks technicians will
warm up the Vegas crowd for the grand finale turning the historical
Frontier into a pile of rubble.

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49 thoughts on “Vegas Casino Frontier Hotel | Building Demolition | BlowDown | S01 E02| Free Documentary”

  1. Not only is it easier to clean it up when there's just the shell of the building, but it's also safer. While a non-loadbearing wall won't hold the weight of the building, it CAN resist it for long enough that the structure starts shifting in an un-wanted direction, and all of a sudden, it's not falling into the drop zone any more. It's all about minimizing the chance of trouble.

  2. Leave out the music & wam bam & editing 🙄
    Its a documentary isn't it.
    It'd be bad enough on an action thriller movie & is totally inappropriate for a documentary. Are the producers immature?
    No music would do fine thanks

  3. I'm wondering if the ladies loading the explosives couldn't wear some type of glove to keep the nitroglycerin off their skin and some type of respirator so they are not inhaling the fumes off the nitro. I love the series but when I watched and heard about the intensity of the nitro fumes and it on their skin it worried me. I know I saw people wearing gloves while cutting the sticks.

  4. So, at 40:06, why is the solution not to build a box around it? That seems like such an easy thing to deal with. If it's that important that people don't step on it, take ten minutes to make sure that nobody CAN? What am I missing here?

  5. It's a bit sad the Old vegas building shut down and Almost all of it is now a field. Desolate field with a Miserable For Sale sign.

  6. What a waste. This city will never have anything tangible to display history. Just use the building for 50 years, then blow it up. No wonder I have never wanted to visit Las Vegas.

  7. I don't live in Vegas, but have seen pictures and its nothing but Buildings, I'm talking about 50+ story Buildings, why in the hell so many damn Buildings ?? Stop your damn Buildings. Geesh, no wonder its so damn hot in Vegas.

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