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Vegas Casino Robbery Epidemic, Gondola on the Strip, NYE & Hard Rock Transition Woes + Status Match!

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Episode Description

Hard Rock International officially took control of #Mirage Las #Vegas this week. With the transition comes a new player’s club, but that also means a potentially lucrative status match opportunity. There were some woes with the transition though. We’ll discuss them.

In other #news we update you on yet another suggestion to improve the Vegas Strip and explain why so many of you are upset with our ideas. Plus four Vegas casinos have been robbed in the past 6 weeks. Is this an epidemic? We also discuss Caesars’ holiday gift to employees and the new buffet replacement that just opened at Aria.

Produced & Edited by: Shawn Coomer

0:00 Caesars holiday gift for employees
1:50 Two more Las Vegas casino robberies. An epidemic?
4:15 Why you disagree with us on fixing the Las Vegas Strip
5:33 Another very interesting transportation option for the Strip!?
7:37 Mirage to Hard Rock transition woes
9:27 Hard Rock’s generous status match for MGM elite players
11:21 Why Unity by Hard Rock is a robust program for players
12:54 Vegas New Year’s Eve Info – Tons of fireworks & entertainment across town
15:10 Proper Eats Food Hall opens at Aria replacing the buffet
17:25 What’s coming up and Happy Chanukah/Merry Christmas!

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23 thoughts on “Vegas Casino Robbery Epidemic, Gondola on the Strip, NYE & Hard Rock Transition Woes + Status Match!”

  1. I am a long time MGM Rewards member, I doubt I will get the Unity Card because my MGM card has much better benefits. In your video you state you can get an Ikon unity card if you have Gold status with MGM, but in your video the sign says you have to have Platinum status to get an Ikon card, Gold only gets you a Legends Unity Card??

  2. Is Unity in Vegas linked to Florida ? We matched in AC but had to match again in Florida. I'm hoping we can match again in LV.

    When I log into Unity I can't book a room in Vegas so maybe it's separate as hard Rock LV as it's own website

  3. I used to go to Vegas back in the 70's when it was run by the mob. People just didn't rob a casino. If you were stupid enough to try it you didn't like what happened. Mommy never heard from you again.

  4. If they can't close off the Strip as they did for Fremont St., perhaps they could create a designated bus lane in both directions to the Strip and Fremont St. Can they not extend the current Monorail System to include the whole Strip, Fremont St.?

  5. Made my 4th Vegas trip of 2022 Xmas week. The first 3 trips I had driven from Orange County, CA. This trip I thought I would try greyhound, which ended up being hellish on the return trip. Found a roundtrip flight on Delta for February, only $103 out of LAX. LAX flight is the downside. This is the way to beat parking fees, already saving $90 for a 5 night stay, which almost pays for the flight. Nice work , and have a Happy Holidays guys!!

  6. Speaking of casino robberies, I was staying at Bellagio and the other night some dude tried to pull a Danny Ocean and hit up the cash/chips cart as they were moving it across the casino floor. It was terrifying, we heard two loud BANG … BANGs and people started running to the exits. Some guy yelled out “there’s a shooter” and it was briefly mayhem. Turned out it was the sound of the cart and all it’s contents flying all over the place. Security and cops got the guy before he could blink. Terrifying tho!

  7. I don't see why casino are not doing what casino's around here are doing, you have to pull down your mask and hood when you first enter. It at least have their face on camera if they should engage in any criminal act. High end store and places likely to be robbed should at least do it. It's not violating anyone's civil right by having they pull down their mask, they are still free to wear it in the establishment.

  8. I remember the casinos using parking as one of the the excuses for adding a resort fee. Now they gouge you for parking on top of the resort fee. I hope the downtown casinos don't follow suite.

  9. The policy of apprehending the robbers,robbers, is to wait for them to get to a less populated area,they're not getting away,away, the robbers arrive,then the police swoop in.

  10. It' ll never happen for many reasons, but a subway system running from the airport onto Las Vegas bvld North, with exits leading into the Hotels, would be so helpful. It would get vehicles off LV bvld, reduce pedestrian traffic, being more rider friendly then the monorail. But I am dreaming, will never happen.

  11. We were at Park MGM start of December, went to T Mobile Arena great job on entrance and egress management that place is great. Wonder when Cosmo will be added to the MGM rewards system!? Also great information guys keep up the good stuff!

  12. The more big corporations took over the worse the service as in the food industry. As far as robberies welcome to the law enforcement is the enemy state of mind. Now we can sit back and watch as America crumbles to the ground. The get even for the past effect is in full force.

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