Vegas Casinos Falling Apart, Dropicana Traffic Nightmare, Lunar New Year 2023 & A Clever New Slot!

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Episode Description

This week we learned of a new #slot machine that avoids the need for a W2-G in a clever way. Is technology going to continue pushing this forward and when will the IRS revise the $1,200 limit for receiving a W2-G on a slot jackpot?

In other #news traffic near the Strip is about to get a lot worse thanks to the massive Dropicana project which will reimagine the I-15/Tropicana interchange. We also discuss someone breaking the bagel eating world record, what’s left for Prime Rib specials in Vegas, how casinos are cutting back on building maintenance and what Lunar New Year looks like in #Vegas for 2023.

Produced & Edited by: Shawn Coomer

0:00 Crazy Vegas freeway art installation
1:08 A new slot machine that cleverly avoids “taxable” jackpots
3:20 Why the slot jackpot taxable threshold probably needs to change
4:30 Dropicana massive freeway project coming – Huge impacts on traffic
6:18 The most interesting things being added during the Dropicana project
7:00 World Bagel Eating Championship – New world record set
8:00 Shaq’s Big Chicken opens second Las Vegas location
8:48 Best Vegas Prime Rib specials in January, 2023 – What is left?
10:22 Is building maintenance a big problem in Vegas casinos?
12:26 Is Caesars spending money on the right things?
13:30 Vegas hotels canceling bookings during F1 weekend booked before the race was announced?
14:22 Stunning Lunar New Year displays at Bellagio & Venetian
16:05 MGM’s Lunar New Year activities at Aria, Bellagio, MGM Grand and Cosmo

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32 thoughts on “Vegas Casinos Falling Apart, Dropicana Traffic Nightmare, Lunar New Year 2023 & A Clever New Slot!”

  1. Gentle men, you are watching the filth right before your eyes. Outdated buildings with light decorations but really run down. The illusion of being in Vegas is really starting to feel like an empty glass of water. Old casinos that leak water is a telling sign of the structural damage. The glamour can only be painted so many times before you realize the filth you are being sold. Ever wonder why they infuse their vents with perfume? They cover the smell of the smelly drainage system. Ever walk on the link area and smell the filth? How about going down to Gerry’s nugget? How about the Salvation Army filled with Las Vegas best citizens? You might want to wear scuba diving gear everyone loves Hanging around there for some reason.

  2. Milk the rich and military of the world and use what they have to fix povetry and nature as kind caring loving respectful helpful equal fair just humane moral society caring for plants animals and humans as more vegetation on all developed properties for oxygen carbon clean ing animal food and shelter decent min wage that gos up with the cost of living

  3. Facts: people play slots because they can do so without spending a lot of money. Poorer people always get it up the…well, you know…from the IRS and the government.

  4. Vegas has changed for the worse – they are trying to hard to your money. Before they would lure you to get you to spend your money- now they charge for everything! And the people that go to Vegas don’t know how to behave

  5. Vegas is going downhill. Why would anyone go there when you have casinos charging $500 and more a night Prices of food and parking and all extra charges. For what? There are many casinos all over the country. People will be staying close to home and gamble there

  6. Nothin beats playing crappy slot odds on tightened down machines, only to finally hit something (after you put tens of thousand in in loses you can't get tax credit for), only to have to pay taxes on it!!! Sounds like a sca mm to me

  7. I have worked on the strip for 30 years and you still have to pay taxes on table games when you cash out at cage they know how much you won and they have some paperwork for you to sign I can't say the amounts on here but anyway they keep track and you have to cash out at that cage if you have large chips or alot of chips. There is alot more to it but can't explain on here.

  8. Hope Las Vegas city core doesn't become like the Reno city core. Most of the core near the arches is defunct casinos. Silver Legacy is the new core. Northern California thinks that's Tahoe for some reason

  9. In 2020/21 when everything was closed or restricted, rooms were free or dirt cheap so I went to Vegas a lot. Like 6 times a year (flying in from Pac NW). But now we're back to midweek only comps and weekend rates are worse than they were pre pandemic. Add in tight slots, horrible table game rules + high min bets, expensive food… I'm probably not gonna go much this year. Went over NYE which was fun enough but yeah Caesars and Paris look like 💩. The beloved Cosmo I'm worried is going downhill. They're already getting stingy with the bar comp drinks. Under Blackstone if you played the bar machines and get drink coupons, you could get any good drink with premium liquor, short of really top shelf. Now they're going like other MGM bars and only comping well drinks crap. I hope the rooms don't go downhill. The Cosmo was half the reason I'd go to Vegas. I get the post pandemic pent up demand but hopefully the crowds start to wain so they're forced to earn our business again.

  10. What a shame that the property owners are letting the exteriors of their hotels/casinos get a bit shabby. Have they never heard of first impressions making a lasting impression? Besides being greatly overpriced (for almost everything), first time visitors will be so disappointed that they may never return.
    As for the Lunar New Year stuff, where oh where do these casinos get the money to do these lavish displays? 🤔😂

  11. We tried to book that table, at the Bellagio Conservatory and even had one of the high end shops try to book it for us, but they were also told they aren't booking that table anymore, since the request for it is off the charts.

  12. I agree with you, the 1200 jackpot requiring W2G is stupid.
    My story related to your lead with the 1200 'jackpot' requiring a W2G. Was at Mandalay on the Interblock bubble craps. Had put in 2000. was betting 300 on don't pass. Hit 3 7's on come out, F***, F***, F***. Knocked by bankroll down. So thought, what heck let's go all in. 300 don't pass and maxed the odds. with remaining cash Made the point, then 7 rolled. The machine stopped and required hand pay with W2-G. I asked the slot attendant, Why? My total in was 2000, all I did is make my money back. She said they are required to do it. Really sucks, because although the amount was >1200, it just got me back to what I had put in–THERE WAS NO NET WIN! I agree with you 1200 is way to low. Needs to be increased to 10,000 IMO.

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