Vegas News – Two People Shot Inside Vegas Casinos. One d*** What Happens Now?

In this Vegas news update, we are looking at the recent *** related incidents in Las Vegas casinos. These episodes took place either on casino floors or while on the property. One person lost their life and another was handed felony charges. These are incidents the news in Las Vegas sweeps under the rug as quickly as they can.

Do Las Vegas casinos require metal detectors at each and every door? What can be done to ensure the utmost safety for every guest and visitor in Las Vegas?

Are you safe in Las Vegas and is Las Vegas safe in 2023?

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28 thoughts on “Vegas News – Two People Shot Inside Vegas Casinos. One d*** What Happens Now?”

  1. I have no problem going in with metal detectors and I do think it's a good idea, just wondering what kind of money that would cost the casinos… and if they would be willing to spend it…

  2. Metal detectors might help however, you’re gonna have to have screeners to search the bags, purses and what have you people that bring with them. A Metal detector is going to go off with belt buckles, pocket knives, finger nail clippers, metal cig lighters nose rings, ear rings, jewelry, money clips and more. They’re not gonna differentiate between the metal you’re carrying or on your person. The casinos will have long lines of people waiting to come in and can’t until they go through the detectors and a screening.

  3. People still get guns into airports despite tons of technology and "highly trained" people operating it. The real answer is to deal with the mental health crisis and severely punish people who carry guns they are not allowed to carry. I.e. felons possessing firearms. Totally unacceptable but yet still happens all the time.

  4. The problem with metal detectors is every single person will set it off so you will have to search everyone the same as the airport so will take a lot more time to enter each casino who will have to take on a lot more guards 🤔

  5. I have two friends that were at the Mandalay Bay shooting. Fortunately they survived but it did cost them their marriage. The memories were just too much. The pictures they showed me of their clothes were horrible.

  6. For anyone interested the Orbit Motel bombing was the 1960s event the poster mentioned. I heard about the accidental shooting, but they did a good job of keeping that suicide out of the news. An AR-15 is large enough that security should have stopped that guy sooner. All videos with a cat are good.

  7. Hey Steve I recently heard tons of catalytic converters have been getting stolen from parked vehicles in the strip casino parking structures. Have you heard anything?

  8. WTF????? Because there are idiots out there who think that shooting up a school is absolutely hilarious and that no matter what the age of the students, they are all fair game. I work with special needs children (from preschool to high school students), and try to explain what a lockdown is or why it is necessary to get down on the floor away from windows and doors. We had one lockdown (seriously) that was real, not a drill. In our classroom, there are some students who are not verbal and have differing cognition issues. Try telling them what it is all about – and it is very important for them to sit on the floor and not make any noise. This has to stop, and it not only affects our students, but leave lasting emotional scars for all of the kids. WAKE UP, PEOPLE – haven't the children already been faced with enough stress, and they deserve so much more than that from us, the adults that they trust to keep them safe and out of harm's way. 😢💔💔🙏

  9. not going to lie, I've walked right through the casino to the checkin desk with my handgun in my backpack. Never had an issue. I just leave it in my room when I get there. what people don't know they don't know… lol

  10. The two local Indian casino in my area search bags upon entering the casino floor. One employees the sheriff's dept to have 8 or 10 cars and deputies at the entrances and exit and to patrol the parking lot plus IDs are scanned upon entering the casino floor. I have never heard anyone complain about it

  11. I like your content but the comment about other channels showing random slot play and you don't and you are proud of that, just unnecessary. Everyone's shtick is different so no need to call out what others are doing. Just keep doing what you do. Keep being great!

  12. I remember in the early 2000's someone was killed at the cashier in the MGM. Then 1hr later it was like nothing happened. The scene was cleaned and cashier reopened.

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