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Why Circus Circus is the BEST Hotel in Las Vegas!

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Circus Circus has coin slots

32 thoughts on “Why Circus Circus is the BEST Hotel in Las Vegas!”

  1. I just want to say shot out to you 🤠 in 1995 I was 17 then me and my mother stayed at Circus 🎪 Circus 🎪 Sky Rise Tower . I love 💕💕 the Circus 🎪 Circus 🎪 Hotel My Stepdad Too he would go there late 77 to 1986 he loved this place too I love Circus 🎪 Circus 🎪 and slots A Fun 😊 I made 45 January 28 I been to buffet 3 Times 1989 .11 1995 -17 and |998-20 I can't wait to get back here. I'm thinking 🤔💬 About probably in two years I might move to L Vegas I love it there I been there three times

  2. Jacob if you ever need a local PA, Grip, or AC for your shoots. I’m an experienced one, who also loves the Strip and your videos. Love how you get some great behind the scenes with the kitchens etc! Doing an in depth video like this for each Strip and Fremont Casino & Resort would be so awesome for visitors to have to compare and contrast. And Circus Circus is a good starting one! Been really loving the major and highly noticeable bump in your production and editing in the past few videos! Who ever your new guy/gal is, keep them!

  3. A 30 min video on Circus Circus? "No Way", I thought. Can't possibly be interesting enough to spend that much time watching. But I did. Opened in 1968, the year I was born. Decent looking room. Loved your tour of the property and all the reviews. Appreciated your final, honest critique of the overall experience. Especially liked you giving credit to the folks who stood above the average in your eyes – those are the truly deserving. Not sure I'd ever stay there, but definitely found a few things I'd check out next time. Keep up the awesome work, Jacob!

  4. Is it still free drinks while you gamble in the strip casinos? I much prefer tipping our waitresses well for the privilege. Come from Ireland so we stay 7 to 10 days t a time and end up on name terms knowing each others schedules 😂🫶 Met some absolute gems and had some good laughs . I Booked for September but paying t drink while we gamble will murder my budget. I cant afford both and would rather stay home than cheap out these hard working ladies who were all part of the experience. . I only ask because no one mentions it in any videos anymore. It was always shouted about before the pandemic.
    P.S We are not cheap.Spend a fortune (to us) We save all year for this and are allowing for increases on tips n everything for these times. But we are thirsty Irish lol so a double bill needs to be factored in any kinda budget
    Booked P. H am old n wouldn't be down for a cheaper sticky carpet hairy showered other property 😄💚💚🇮🇪💜

  5. Your entire stay should have been comped…..thats beyond horrible. Terrible terrible service. I have gotten rooms comped before for improper cleaning but never dealt with any situation like that with that amount of filth.

  6. Found Jacobslife channel from watching Norma Geli! Glad I found both of you; and hope there is more collaboration between Jacob & Norma in the future. As for Circus Circus; I think the pandemic changed a lot of the ways FOREVER that parents will feel comfortable with their children in large public settings; so between that aspect; coupled with the fact that the property is so "dated" it may be time for another implosion and rebuild in favor of a new state of the art version of Circus Circus. I recall in 2005 staying at the Riviera, and the rooms were so old and dingy no matter how much housekeeping tried to clean the place, it just was too old to look sparkling and dazzling again compared to all the other options on the LV Strip. Finally, while it's never an excuse to have that level of filth on your toilet or room in general; I do believe as the saying goes "you get what you pay for" so a cheap room for 39 dollars you're lucky stains was all you had an no little critters crawling around as well. 🙂

  7. When there's a problem with my room, I ask for the manager to come up. I've found that at all the Strip hotels, the manager himself/herself, will actually come up to see the problem. And because it's the manager actually, visually seeing the problem, that's when they compensate me the greatest.

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