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Why The Horseshoe is the BEST Hotel in Las Vegas!

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In this video we are doing a review of staying at Horseshoe Hotel and Casino at the center of the Las Vegas Strip. I stayed in the cheapest room available (Resort King) and was able to get upgraded to a higher floor with a better view without doing the $20 trick. I’ll give you a walkthrough tour of the property, show you a lot of activities and new things to do since they changed their name from Bally’s. We’ll cover the hotel room, the WSOP poker room, how to find the uber and lyft pickup spot, the new arcade (former sportsbook), Twilight Zone by Monster Mini Golf, Bodies Exhibit, National Geographic Rarely Seen, Cabinet of Curiosities Bar and Speakeasy, gym/fitness center, food court, pool, monorail station, Bazaar Shops, steakhouse, restaurants, best photo spots and history (MGM fire). We’ll wrap up the video with pros and cons, the resort fee, taxes, how good of a value the property is (cheap vs expensive), what type of traveler it is ideal for and a few employee shout outs!

43 thoughts on “Why The Horseshoe is the BEST Hotel in Las Vegas!”

  1. Damn, I miss the old days. Horseshoe downtown, Free water, free drinks, 25 cent craps, one dollar blackjack and a free photo in front of the million dollar display. 2.95 porterhouse 3am-6am. Ham steak breakfast downstairs 1.99. And free packs of cigarettes. It freed your money up to be lost at the tables. And if you lost all your money…you could whine to the pit boss for a comp meal. It was free to book your room. For the ultimate gamble…I even got married in Vegas in 1978.

  2. Whipdee you have a $80 room, so how do they pay staff? The room itself is not economically sustainable. I hope they pay a living wage? Or are you promoting modern slavery? How long does it take to clean a room? How hard and fast do the women cleaners have to work. Flipping beds is hard work. Whats the injury rate for cleaners or do they care or more importantly do you care? Think about it. How long does it take to flip a room? Are they taking more time with hygiene now that we live in a time of pandemics or they don't care.

  3. And if you’re a fan of this show, one of the mixologists from the Tv Show Bar Rescue works inside the speakeasy at The Cabinet of Curiosities so if you like a great hand crafted cocktail based around your zodiac sign, come on in and see me 😉

  4. Where do I start? I was mesmerized by the content. Soooooo much information. I took many notes. I love the Cosmo thIs however is much more reasonable. I will check out the lower level when we come. Thanks Jacob.

  5. I was there last week when walking around the strip. I wasnt sure at first if its still Ballys but I saw Horseshoe sign in the hotel. Is this hotel is part of Caesar Entertainments? I didnt really explore much because I've stayed here before for one of the new years celebrations. Didnt like much because I smelled marijuana as soon as got in the elevator all the way to my room. I was with my 10 year-old son as well but didnt know there was an arcades. Definitely will check out the arcades next time I am there. It was so strong and thought I was gonna passed out. Thanks Jacob for the info. Great job as always man.

  6. Ballys used to be our go to for the longest time, being rewards members at Cesar’s. We were there last year for SEMA ( first week in November) and they were ripping the carpet up that week. Not sure why they were doing it then, but it really made some things inconvenient. We would part outside the sports book, but that lot was all pulled up. I had one of the Bellman nail me with the cart when running to the elevator, and never said a word. What was worse, the front desk managers said I was making it up.

    Great video here, unfortunately we won’t stay there again.

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