YIKES! 😡 Worst Slots to Play: PART 2 from a Slot Tech 🎰 STAY AWAY from these Slot Machines!

This is part two of the Worst Slots to play. To see the first video, see the links below. Go go Claw Machine, Cash Machine, Keno, 4 and 5 reel slots, Megabucks slot machine all make this list. watch to see why 🤔

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✅ This video was cross examined for accuracy by industry experts both currently working in the casino and former industry employees prior to being posted.


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20 thoughts on “YIKES! 😡 Worst Slots to Play: PART 2 from a Slot Tech 🎰 STAY AWAY from these Slot Machines!”

  1. I hit 5 numbers (my birthday) on Keno at El Cortez last March ('22) and walked away with $6,000. That paid for my whole trip and then some. Good video! I'll keep in mind your information…though I might just have to visit that Keno machine again.

  2. The thing to keep in mind on keno is that some video keno is not nearly as bad as live keno. I play one quarter on 5 spot video keno at my local casino and 5 out of 5 pays 838 coins, almost a 95% payback percentage.

  3. Is Megabucks really that bad? Of course, it is my favorite game in Vegas, but when it hits it usually pays out rather well. Full transparency here though: When it does hit, I usually can't stop myself and lost whatever I won lol.

  4. I love you called that claw machine a money trash can! 🤣 Megabucks and the $500 or nothing type machines are the same to me, play a $100 in it just to see if you hit something, but that's it. Not good to make a habit of feeding all the machines that usually don't pay off.

  5. I’v seen that claw machine game at various casinos on the strip, seen people play them and they walked away frustrated afterwards. You put it best by saying it’s a “Money Trashcan” which it should be renamed that honestly

  6. thank you for sharing your knowledge with us

    at around the 8:42 mark of this video, you said the odds of hitting the pinball bonus is 1:64. is that for all “flavors” of pinball slot machines or only older type? where is this documented (i.e. par sheet or other source) ?

    comparatively, what are the odds of hitting a top dollar bonus?


  7. Where can I see the data you spoke about in the beginning, especially the par sheets? Also, on Keno are speaking of just live keno because I was under the impression that video keno has roughly the same odds as slot machines.

  8. /i read somewhere the numbers that statisticians say seem to hit the most often on keno are 1, 4, 23, 34, and 72. i do alright when i play keno. i start with these numbers and move my choices around if i'm not really getting atleast my bet back every time. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. i went in with 120 dollars tonight and walked out with 781. and that was 30 minutes before closing at creek nation casino in Muskogee. for some reason thats the only time i can win money, and it ensures that i am leaving with my winnings

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